Getting Pregnant Between Days 8 And 12 Of Cycle

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Tanya - November 17

For the longest time, I have been trying to get pregnant, and during that time, I have always assumed that the best time was on or just before day 14. I have a steady cycle of 26 - 27 days. Normally, I know I am ovulating becauseof the bubbling stomache activity. But this month, I got my period on Nov. 3rd; we enjoyed ourselves on the 8 day of my cycle..Nov. 10th; and two days later, I felt what I normally feel during ovulation. My question is....if I have been unable to get pregnant basing my ovulation on day 14, is it possible to have gotten pregnant from having s_x on day 8? We were not trying this month, just simply loving each other's company. But in theory, if day 14 always proved to be too late, could day 8 prove to be right on time?


Arlene - November 17

Hi, I dont know much about this, but in my work i have delt with people that cannot get pregnat becuse they are trying too hard. and its not even taht thy try too hard its that all the stress makes them focus on "delivery" so it sets everything off. hope this helps.


Leah - November 18

Hi Tanya, If you say your cycle is 26-27 days and the usual cycle is 28 and mine is 32, yours seems to be a shorter cycle which would leave you to ovulate soone than day 14. I have been doing my research since my husband and I decided to start trying this month and one source said from the first day of your period to day 14 is very unpredictable you could ovulate any time between then, so have a lot of fun from the last day of your period on!! You never know!! If you want some help I went to and became a member to use their fertility chart, it's really nice because you just put in the number of days of your cycle and it calculates it out to let you know which days you may be ovulating! Good Luck!!


m - November 18

I have a friend who has many months where she ovulated anywhere from day 8 to day 10. Good luck!


A - November 18

What I have read over and over, is that you ovulate 14 days BEFORE you get your period, not 14 days after you start your period. So count back from when you get your period and that is normally when you get your period. and what are you talking about this bubbling stuff? how do you know that is when you are ovulating? Usually its a sharp pain in one side or the other by the ovaries


A - November 18

oops. I reread what I wrote. If you got your period on Nov. 3 it is likely that you ovulated oct 21 or some where around there. With that in mind if you have a 26-27 day cycle. So predict when you think you will get your period and then count back 14 days and that should be when you approximately ovulate. Do you have any other signs, like mucus change or anything like that? I do suppose you could ovulate at anytime, but from what I have read, thats supposively how it works if you are healthy and regular.


m - November 18

Something I forgot to add, on the months my friend doesn't ovulated on day 8-10, sometimes, it's day 14, has even been day 20. So some women just aren't regular. It is possible you don't always ovulate on the same day. One suggestion would be to get you some of those ov test strips on-line. They're cheap and they work! have the cheapest ones. And even with standard shipping, they arrive in 3 or 4 days. Good luck!



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