Getting Pregnant In First Month TTC

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K - June 2

Has anyone gotten pregnant in their first actual month of TTC?


friend - June 2

My friend got pregnant her first month off the pill. She miscarried at 5 weeks, and before she even had another period she found out she was pregnant again, at 6 weeks along. She is now almost 10 weeks, had her first ultrasound today and everything is perfect. She heard the heart beat and everything. I went off the pill, and am on my 2nd month it didn't happen for me the first month.


Ashley - June 3

My first month off the pill I thought I was pregnant because my cycle was 7weeks long and I had a lot of symptoms. But it was just crazy hormones from stopping the pill. This is my second month off the pill and I feel perfectly normal, more normal than I ever felt on the pill. I don't know if I'd say I'm ACTUALLY TTC though... I'm not keeping track of when I ovulate or anything, just kind of hoping :). Good luck to you though... I hear it is quite possible to concieve the first try.


Amy - June 3

Hi ladies. I got my BFP my first month TTC. I'm due December 8. Good luck to you all.


RC - June 3

My friend fell preggers the first month she stopped the pill. She decided to stop using the pill as they were hoping to start ttc a few months later and thought it would take a few months to get her cycle back to normal. When her period hadnt come 5.5 weeks later she casually did a hpt test thinking there was not a chance (not much BD apparently) however a BFP was staring them in the face. The baby girl was born last september -so to answer you q YES it can hapen. Good luck xx


Jen - June 3

I did with my first son and now we are again after trying only a couple of weeks-due late jan 06


Kathryn - June 8

Ashley--could you describe your symptoms of going off the pill? I've been off for 2 months and no AF and tests are BFN's. My body is acting very strange though. Maybe I'd feel better if I knew someone else went through the same so I'm not testing all the time...


to kathryn - June 8

i too went off the pill (10 yrs on) and i didn't get af for about 2 mnths, then i got a regular af for 2 months and just now again this month i was irregular. this is my 6th month ttc. believe me i've been there with the "do i test or don't i?" i personally would test just to be sure, you'll feel better.


to ashley - June 8

Thanks. The nurse just did a test BFN, refused to do a blood test saying it's not more sensitive. I'll just a__sume it's right for now. if no AF in a week (if I can wait!), i'll take it again and go from there... The weirdest thing is how my stomach feels--like it doesn't crease in all the old places--and how other parts look and feel different.


to kathryn - June 8

the nurses can be so rude sometimes. everything that i've heard is that blood tests are more sensitive. anyways what do we know??!!


CA - June 25

Yes - With my first, second and third pregnancy. Second pregnancy ended in miscarriage though.


Jen - June 25

For all of you girls who are saying you or your freinds got pregnant right after the pill, How long were you/they on it? I've been on it for 5 years, will it take me longer?


trying to get preganant - July 5

first things first i just need to know someat remedies to do to help my chances to get preganat


Cheryl - July 6

I got pregnant the first month we ttc. We were off birth control pills for three months before we tried, using condoms as protection. Saddly our pregnancy ended in m/c at 10 1/2 weeks. This will be our second month of ttc and hopefully we will get a BFP.


zoe - July 6

i only went on the pill for 2 weeks for first time in life and been 2mths since i stopped but no real period just the withdrawel bleed straight after stopping 2mths that effect of stopping pill even tho i was only on them for 2 weeks?!



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