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coco - May 17

Hey Ginger ! how you doing? I was unable to write on here, and i saw a lady who had the same problem as me & has been advised to use internet explorer instead of AOL. so that's what i'm doing ! So anything new? are u pregnant or not? I went for myscan & they found nothing in there, so i guess it was a phantom one! U were telling me about spotting , did u find out anything yet ? i am now 10 days late, just when i thought i would put this whole nightmare behind me, af is not showing! I don't wanna test as i feel i have tested enough in the past few months -lol well , lemme know how things go for u . Take care.


b - May 17

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Ginger - May 18

Hey Coco! I have not really been around lately. My doctors appointment is May,18 at 1:30 in the afternoon. Im up late tonight because I'll finally find out tommorow and the wait has been driven me crazy! I just hope everything goes well. I hope everything is good with you, did the docs want to put you on meds or anything to start your cycle? If evrything is cool with me, I think I well definately take meds to get things normal again. Tommorow I will write about how the appointment goes. wish me the best.


Ginger - May 18

Oh by the way, I have not had any more spotting. I don't even have syptoms, except for an occasional flutter or jerk in my tummy. But it may as well just be gas. I hope they give me several tests, that way all possiblities would be cleared. Oh yea, be carful becaus eI have read about some women not having anything show up on their scans.........and then later find out that they are actually pregnant. Something about there dates being wrong. Well I better get some sleep for the big day.


bumpb - May 18

bump, sorry


coco - May 18

Hey Ginger , it's good to hear from u again. As i type now , ur probably at ur docs ,and i hope u get all the answers u want. Well now u told me that spotting stopped and apparently ur not pregnant ( or are u ?) , i kinda think there is something wrong with me now as i had 2 tiny ( and i mean tiniest ) dots of pale pink only when i wiped the day af was due & since nothing !!!!! It's funny u told me about false negative scan because i thought maybe they couldn't find anything back then and that's y now i don't have af. U asked me if docs put me on meds, noooo, i went so many times there b4 now she doesn't know im late ( will wait another few weeks if af doesn't show). I am only a few days late and it never happens so i don't see the need for meds for now. It's funny u still feel the flutters as i do feel them still from time to time.weird!! what do u mean get things normal ? don't u ovulate ? I hope all goes well for u today ( or went well ) and u get what u want. Keep me posted!


Ginger - May 19

Well, today I really did not get all of the answers I wanted. I had a pap test done and the doc also felt my uterus for enlargment. She said that everything looked fine and that she would notify me when my test results from the pap test come back. I was asked if I wanted birth control pills and if I was always irregular. I had a urine pregnancy test which was negative. They gave me a blood test so hopfully I will get some answers from that. I was not offered any meds to start my cycle up either.


Ginger - May 19

I think Im still ovulating, I took one of those home kits a few months back just for kicks, and it said positive for ovulating. I don't think Im pregnant. Maybe some kind of hormonal imbalance or stress. I just don't want it to be something very serious. Would'nt a papsmear tell if something is very wrong. What I meant by getting things back to normal, My AF has not started, and I was hoping to get some medicatio to start it back up. I think I will ask about that when my test results come back. She said that it would take 2 weeks. Maybe that spotting you had was implantation bleeding. The egg probuly just implanted and that would explain why they did not see anything. Seriousy though, I think I may have PCOS. It would explain the scattered cycles and sudden twinges and flutter like movements in that area. I just don't know. All I can do is wait for all my tests to come back, and work from there. I saw a thread saying that this place was addictive, well they were right....thats why I know I'll stick around here. Plus its fun to update each other. Let me know if you come across anything new.


coco - May 19

Hi Ginger, i am glad that u finally got to see ur doc, even if u didn't get all the answers u wanted. They did u a lot of tests though, did u require them ? how long have u been irregular for ? do u think it could be stress ? maybe u are kinda stressing now, even if u don't feel it .I am not too familiar with pap smear but i think it shows immediately when something wrong is happening to the body. don't worry too much about it , i'm sure ur fine.Since ur ovulating, the good thing to do is to BD a lot now if ur TTC. I don't think meds are so good for ur body, i would let nature do its thing , i don't like drugs etc... PCOS ? they would have seen it , woudln't they ? Have u asked for an u;trasound ? maybe u should . LOL yeah i know too well about thie addiction, i have posted something there using a different name. Will let u know if anything new comes up, and u do the same , ok ?


Ginger - May 20

Thanx Coco. I think I may be stressing a little. I really did not need all the tests that they gave me, but I was like what the heck, since Im here they may as well get everything done at once. The doc thought that there was no need for a ultrasound since my uterus felt normal size. I have missed a whole month. If Im late again I will push for them to do a ultrasound. Im going to wait until my test results and then i will decide if I want to TTC. I just dont want to go through that whole circus of testing every week again. But I have gotten used to the idea of having another baby. I'll just have to wait and see. I will keep you informed whether its new or old news LOL!


coco - May 20

Hey Ginger, how are u today ? We did say we'd keep each other posted if anything "old "or new comes up, well guess who showed up today ? after being 12 days late and slightely spotting on af due date ? I am exausted , confused and just p__sed, ther is a lot of clots in it and it's stringry ( way TMI i know sorry ). Weird ! and i'm cramping this time1 ARGHHHHH.... Anyway, enough about me , how are u doing ?


Ginger - May 20

Im sorry AF showed finally showed her ugly face. I know this may seem farfetched, but do you think yo may be having a m/c? Exspecially since there are alot of clots and stuff. Just be careful and notify your doctor if you continue on with the clots and cramping. As for me, Im doing okay today. No AF for me yet, I would do anything for her to arrive already. Last night I decided that Iam ready to TTC and that I do want to have another baby now. I always wanted only two kids and I wanted to have another one before my DD turns four. She's only 2 1/2 now, so I have some time. I really want her to have a sibling close to her age.


Ginger - May 20

I figure while Im used to taking care of a small baby and our house is pretty much child proofed. I may as well have another one before I forget all the things I know now. Besides a few years from now, I can imagine going on vacations with the kids and not having too worry about finding a babysitter and stuff. Look at me, Im trying my best to come up with excuses on why I need to have another baby now. I just need to be honest with myself and admit that I really want to have one. After my dd was born I kind of promised myself that I never wanted to have another because the c- section was horrible to recover. Anyhow......I hope you feel better soon. Are going to start TTC? Keep me updated.



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