Girls I Need Some Opinions Please

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Nicole - October 26

Ok. We are TTC. My LMP was Sep 30-Oct 4. Which would put my next period at Oct. 28. On Oct. 21 I noticed a very pasty brown discharge when I wiped. It was very light. The next day it turned more red, but still only noticeable when I wipe. The next day it was pinky, and now today it is sort of like orange/pink salmon color, and very very light, in fact I think it has stopped.. I have no pains. Just head aches/back ache/ and minor joint aches. I cant sleep and I feel sort of... tingly in my tummy. Would this be likely implantation bleeding? I have never experienced this before, I usually have fairly heavy periods... Has anyone experienced similar and been pregnant? I have to wait a few more days to test again, i tested today and it was negative but I think I tested a few days too early anyhow. Gosh I hope I am preggo I will cry!..I am crying now actually lol.. I hope ..i pray


Jen-uk - October 26

My LMP is the same as your's, af was due yesterday, but all i am getting is cramps and back ache, i dont even have sore bbs like i do for af, i'm not testing til friday. It sounds like you have Implementation bleeding, i would wait til the weekend to test, as you would have tested too early b4 if it is implementation bleeding. Good luck.


Nicole - October 26

Thanks, that is so encouraging. Good luck to you too.


opa - October 26

it sounds promising nicole wait a couple more days and test with a sensitive test. baby dust


staci - October 26

your symptoms sound so POSITIVE! i think you are pg(and i usually don't say that)....especially because of the type of bleeding/discharge you had, you could prob. test friday or saturday, good luck to you!


Nicole - October 27

I was going to test Friday but I think I will wait because I am so nervous to see a - .. But yeah, I always have full heavy periods, but none yet, and I feel very queezy and tingly yucky feeling in my stomache all day, but mostly at night. Tomorrow I will be officially late for a full period.


Jen-uk - October 27

I'm having the same symptoms, still no af for me yet, i'm def testing tomorrow i'm already late for my 26 day cycle, but coz today is CD28 i thought this is the latest it usually arrives for me, so Fri i will test, the weirdest symptom i have is no sore or heavy bbs which i always have leading up to af. It looks promising for us Nicole. Good luck.



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