Globs Of Cm

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youmakemewannalala - April 27

i had s_x 9, 10 days ago. my waking temp was 97.8 today. i dont take it all the time because i havent been having s_x only 9 or 10 days ago. ive read that after ovulation temps are around high 97's and before i was recording my temps at low 97's. so im pretty sure somethings up. i havent had a period for 3 months because i have have pcos. i usually start after 3 months so ovulation should be near if it hasnt occured already. ive been having some signs but not sure what they are related to. for the past week or so ive been having small thick globs of clear cm with thin cm. just like random globs. today i had one and it had white and clear. it was bigger. it had like off white creaminess to it and a lot along with the glob. the globs stretch very far also. i dont have a yeast infection. been having cramps here and there all in different places. right now im experiencing more like period throbbing cramps before was more like sharp ones. any ideas of what might be going on? only had s_x once for the past 1 1/2 months. my stomach hasnt been feeling right and ive been sneezing a lot but its not accompanied by watery eyes or itchiness so i dont think its allergies. right now my cm is thin and creamy with globs of stretchiness! any ideas what might be going on?


Grandpa Viv - April 27

Did you have s_x because your libido was especially high - that could be a sign you were ovulating? Upset gut, runny nose, and lotion discharge are some of the early signs. I don't think you can make anything of the temperatures unless you have been charting consistently. How about tired, peeing more often, appet_te, b___bs, acne, emotions, smells, feelings of nausea or dizziness? Sounds like a test first mroning pee next weekend might be in order. Good luck!


simplegirl - April 27

this really sounds more like ovulation to me.


krissy2006 - April 27

Grandpa Viv she probably had s_x because of who she was with and the time and the place and probably had nothing to do with her 'libido' or the fact that she was ovulating. youmakemewannalala , Grandpa Viv is correct however, that your one or two temps mean absolutely nothing without a pattern on a chart of regularly charted temps. Your cm, while possibly more abundant honestly cannot predict pregnancy and the way you are describing them sounds more like impending ovulation not pregnancy. If you have irregular periods due to pcos it is very difficult to give you a good solid answer. Your hormones are somewhat out of wack due to the cysts and it is difficult to know even when tracking your temps if you actually ovulated or not. Being that you only had s_x 9 or 10 days ago and are still exhibitiing signs of impending ovulation I would a__sume you probably are not pregnant. However, if it would make you feel better, you can take Grandpa Viv's advice and take an early hpt next weekend. GL to you!



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