Going Crazy Please Help

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kp - November 26

Hi everyone. I posted a question a couple days ago but now I am more confused than ever. I had my last period Oct. 9th. (I marked it on my calendar) I was suppose to start my period on Nov. 6th. I didn't. My husband and I have been trying for around a year to get pregnant. I have thought before that I was pregnant because I would be a couple days late. Not like this though. I feel very different. I still have not started my period, I have never been this late before. On Nov. 7th I started getting abdomnal cramps that still come and go, I have felt very tired and very sick, I smell and taste funny things, I am very emotional at times, my tummy on the inside feels tight (like I have done a lot of sit ups), I have had bad lower backaches, discharge, last night my husband thought he felt something in my tummy, I took a HPT on Nov. 11th it was negative, and my br___t are not swollen, bigger, or darker (at least not that we've noticed). Could I be pregnant or not. I want to get a blood test but don't want to be disappointed. Any help or suggestions?


TKG - November 26

hey kp, I have pregnancy symtoms too, same ones. I also get bad headaches at night, and heartburn. Took a test as well, it was negative, but my periods not due for 4 more days, so that's probably why it was negative. But, I'm almost sure I am. I've heard that blood tests aren't anymore reliable, but I think you should get one(we both should,lol) Keep me posted


Kp - November 27

Thank you TKG for your advice. I have heard that blood test are more reliable IF you have a high enough hcg level. But I agree we should both get one. My check from work was suppose to be here Friday and is not here yet, so as soon as I get it I will get a blood test done. I wish you the best of luck. I will keep you posted! Thanks.


chrissy30753 - November 27

the way i know i was pregnant before i took the test was because i had been following the way my cervix would do... right before my period it would be softing and opening... but this time it was hard and unopened... it was very tightly closed.. and i have never been late.. even when i had 2 periods in one month the it stilled came on time.. the true one.... i was due thanksgiving day to havbe one.. when it didnt come and my cervix was locked up tighter than fort knox... i knew... so yesterday i got test and i had took so many over the months.. they all showed not even a hint or pink or a line.... but this time yesterday soon as i pees on it it the result window turned completely pink... and then it turned into a line and the line got bolder and bolder the longer it sit there.. my due date is aug.6,2005.... good luck guys.. if your not.... just start feelign you cervix.. you can tell when your ouval... or when you periods coming.. by whether its soft, hard, open, closed, high, low....


kp - November 28

Thanks Chrissy. I am going to get a blood test done. I still have not started and I was very sick early this morning. I am at the stage where I am willing to risk getting a negative, but I simply cannot wait any longer. I will keep everyone posted!


kp - December 1

Well I got a blood test done Tuesday and it was negative. I still have not started and don't feel like I am going to. I have had new symptoms, like heartburn, gas, and headaches. Can anyone explain this?


Leah - December 2

Hello ladies!! I know what you mean. I'm not due for my period until the 14th, but I have had mild cramps and headaches, but the worst is all this rumbling gas, when I don't even eat anything to induce it!! Is that a symptom early on, if we did concieve i believe it just would of been this past Monday, the 29th. But who knows!!



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