Going Crazy Please Help Am I Pregnant

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lovemyhubby - May 8

I stopped using the pill in January after about a year of being on it and I got my period January 19th. Me and my husband have been trying ever since and to this day, May 2nd, I haven't gotten my period, that's 3 MONTHS now. I mean that alone would tell me that I'm pregnant but I've taken a pregnancy test after each missed period, all negative. I have all the symptoms: sore br___ts, clear/milky discharge, moody, FATIGUED, nausea, gas, gaining weight. Everyone's always telling me I look so tired and I am. Could I be??? Could it just be me adjusting to being off the pill??? Has this happened to anyone? Please reply with your opinion, really appreciate it.


pakcan - May 8

the best advice i can give is arrange for ultlrasound to done to confirm preg or to determine any other problem


militarywife - May 8

Please tell me what happens with you! I am having those exact same problems!! I am overseas with my husband and doctors are less than helpful so any info would be greatly appreciated!


Lin - May 8

Some women can take as long as a few months to have their first period after stopping the pill, so to be honest, it's not surprising. It's also possible to have one period and then not have another for a few months. Give it a couple more months, and you'll probably see your cycle start to regulate. If not, then see a doctor. S/he should be able to jump-start your periods, if necessary.


Saird - May 8

Check out the pregnancy tests forum. There are some women on there who have never got a positive test.


Grandpa Viv - May 8

My thought is that it is too long since you stopped the pill for your many signs to be caused by pill withdrawal. There is some hormone thing going on that needs to be checked out by a doctor. Good luck!


sandyg - May 9

I have a friend who was in the same situation as you only she had skipped 5 months and she KNEW she was pregnant, she just knew but even blood tests came out negative. It wasn't until an ultrasound was done that the doctors were in complete shock. Sure enough she was expecting a baby boy and she was 5 1/2 months pregnant!! If you ask my opinion I think you're preggo!!! Let me know what happens. Good luck!~~**baby dust**~~~


sandyg - May 9

When is your period due again?


lovemyhubby - May 10

Thanks for the input ladies, I really appreciate your opinion on this, anyone else going through this??


pakcan - May 10

i went through the samething with all my pregnancies including this one


pakcan - May 10

and my pregnancies were all confirmed by ultrasound i never had a positive test result


lovemyhubby - May 10

sandyg, I am due for my next one tomorrow or friday so we'll see. Pakcan, thank you for that, even though I know it's rare it helps to know that it can happen and that I'm not alone.


sandyg - May 10




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