Going Crazy Pregnant After Vasectomy

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aaronsmommy - September 17

My SO had a vasectomy about a year ago. I had an IUD out about a year ago too. My periods have been pretty irregular since then, which is unusual for me. I had my period this month and it was short, about three days with a tiny bit of brown on the fourth. So, went about my life, thinking nothing out of the ordinary. Then about two days later, my br___ts starting getting tender and I started getting cramping, nausea, headaches when I wake up, stuffy nose, sweating at night even when I'm cold, decreased appet_te, and now increased appet_te. I also got a days worth of very, very light brown bleeding and increased discharge. The signs haven't let up, but I've tested and the tests are negative. Today would make five days since the light bleeding. I NEVER have period-like symptoms after my period. We had s_x during my period and lately he's complained of pain and feeling a small lump. So I just wondered if I'm having some weird thing going on here or if I possibly got pregnant after my period. If so... I have NO idea when I'd test. I'm going crazy here! And no one to talk to. SO is getting receptive to the idea of another child, but we really haven't gotten too serious about it because it's not always likely a vasectomy reversal will work. Just wanted to talk to people on here going through something simliar...


teresap - September 17

Did your SO have his sperm tested after the vasectomy? Your symptoms sound promising that you could be pregnant. Do you know when your next period is due?


aaronsmommy - September 17

He did and it was negative. My periods have been so off on timing (anywhere from 24-32 days when they used to be every 28 on the dot) that it's hard to tell! I guess it would be in the first week of october.


teresap - September 17

I'll keep my fingers crossed that you get the results you want. It kind of sounds like you are hopeful it will be positive.


aaronsmommy - September 17

Yeah, I kinda do. :) I'm regretting the decision lately and really wishing we would've waited so we could have one more. But I was researching and wondering if maybe it could be PCOS... It would suck, but any explaination would be nice.


aaronsmommy - September 17

I forgot to say thanks! :) I appreciate the reply and the finger crossing.


teresap - September 18

Your welcome! Once the idea "sets" in, it is amazing how fast you want to get a positive result. Well, AF arrived for me last night.


aaronsmommy - September 27

teresap: Sorry for AF coming! I really hate the monthly cycles sometimes. And it is crazy! I'm still having the same symptoms and AF will be due around the beginning of October sometime between 24-32 days. So I guess I'll just wait it out and see what happens...


teresap - September 28

As I said, once the idea sets in...but in truth we were not ttc so I can't be too disappointed. I hope all goes well for you. Keep me posted.


aaronsmommy - October 6

Sorry my replies are so far and between! We moved and I don't have internet at home until sometime today. Thanks! I'm due to start any day now. So it's just a waiting game! Today is actually day 30, and AF hasn't gone any later than day 32, so I guess we'll see! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! :)


aaronsmommy - October 13

I ended up getting my period! Not sure what was up with the symptoms. Maybe I have a cyst or a hormonal imbalance. Never had anything like it before, but hey, I'm getting older! :) I wish you luck! I hope you get your BFP soon!



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