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El - November 24

Its really getting to me now. I have posted a couple of times on this site and am still having problems. I have all of the symptoms of pregnancy but am still getting my periods although they are much lighter than they were before. I have done a pt and so has my doctor and they were both negative. She has tested my for stds (lower abdominal pain and nausea etc can sometimes be down to this) and they came back clear. Then I am booked in for an ultrasound next week. Recently I have started running a temperature (small) and the pain is still there and the nausea and vomiting are back and I have started getting dizzy and passing out (only twice to date). I went back to the doctors and she took some blood to test for infection such as Pelvic inflammatory disease and such and has started me on antibiotics that you should not take if you are pregnant. She doesnt seem at all sure I have PID but wants to rule it out. I really still dont know what to do. Please any advice u could give would me sooooooo useful. Im 23 and now single by the way.


Christine - November 24

Wow...sorry to hear about what is going on with you...Although I cant say much for it...with the fever it sounds like you have some sort of infection rather than pregnancy..maybe a cyst on your ovaries...that can change the period...and is not all that big of a deal...a lot of woman get them and they come and go...Good luck...keep us all posted on how things go for you...


worried sick - November 24

hey El, you have a similar problem as i. I had intercourse on my most fertile and immediately after my b___st became very sensitive, the nipples would disappear and the skin would feel very sensitive to the touch. this comes on and off. i wasn't experiencing any symptoms except that my husband complained of having pain when urinating, which took us to the doctor and were found to have a very mild case of bacterial infection. we were given antibiotics. now i am 2 days late but i feel like my periods are coming any minute. usually my periods come after every 21 days, and the PMS are very strong for me, extreme bloating, swollen feet, hot flashes and headaches, dizziness, etc. I haven't taken any tests yet, and i fear i am not pregnant given all these signs of PMS, plus the antibiotics i am taking. but i am very eager to conceive and will keep trying if this one doesn't work out.


El - November 24

Thanks for your replies so far. I also had s_x around my most fertile time and the condom broke, my boyfriend at the time didnt think it was worth telling me and I only found out a couple of days later when it was too late to take the morning after pill. It could be cysts, I looked both those and fibroids up but it didnt look like I had the right symptoms for those. Still right now I feel lousy and am at work. I do want to be pregnant but I still dont know quite what to think. Surely if I had an infection it would have been picked up earlier! My b___sts were sore but now they are not so bad. Just a bit bigger with a darker area around the nipple and the nipple itself is getting lighter.


El - November 25

Can anyone offer any other suggestions?


El - November 26

Well my blood tests came back clear, so again I dont know where I stand. I have my ultrasound on Monday afternoon, but it still seems an age away. Im even having dreams that I am pregnant (among other things). One particular strange dream was I was pregnant and drinking beer while smoking a cigar....I dont get it. Please help...


Nikole - November 27

El, I am in the same boat as you. I have the same symptoms as you, although I missed my period. My gyno did a urine test to see if I was preg. and it came back neg. However she did a blood test and I am waiting for the results. She ruled out PID. If the blood test comes back neg, she is going to do an ultrasound next week to see if I have a cyst. I can't stand this waiting!! Good luck to you!


Steph - November 29

Let us know what happens at the ultrasound today! I would love to know whether or not you are pregnant. I will be praying for you! :)


Christine - November 29

Yeah me too..good luck this afternoon


Steph - November 30

So did you find out?



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