Going Mad I Feel So Pregnant But I Can T B

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ellie - March 29

i feel so pregnant, and my belly is starting to get bigger, i look pregnant!! but it could just because i have been eating more lately cos iv been so hungry. i am always tired n i have this discharge stuff.. but i have had 3 periods which were almost normal.. i usually have light periods, but they have been heavier, and shorter. i took a pregnancy test about a month ago and it was negative... if i was pregnant, i would be about 10 weeks. is it possible, or am i crazy... i fell like screaming it is so frustrating


kat - March 29

could you get a blood test done at the docs? ive read that it is possible for some women to not get a pos result during pregnancy.


Grandpa Viv - March 29

If you haven't done a home test in a month it would be a good idea to do another, but at 10 weeks I would be wanting to see a doc anyway, even if only to find out what else might be happening. Good luck!


MM - March 29

I know how you feel. I have had sore nipples, bigger belly, ga__sy, hungry, nausea, etc. I would be about 10 weeks too but I took an hpt yesterday & it was neg. I have never been preg. before & the symptoms come & go so I am starting to think I have been imagining everything.


satsuki - March 29

me too having the same feeling. but i'm only 10 days after conception. can't do a home test yet...


bump - March 29



Cindlo - March 29

Are you or did you change BCP's sometimes that can make you hungry and eat more and gain the weight. But like everyone always says take a HPT again to make sure. I feel the same way and I don't want to get disappointed again seeing a negative sign. I need Baby Dust.


ellie - March 30

thanks girls for your help. i am going mad... i think i will go and get another test, but i dont want to see the negative sign and feel dissapointed again..lol thats exactly what cindlo said.. i probably wont believe the negative sign, and i will still be going mad. it makes it easier knowing that there are others going thru the same thing.. .:.::baby dust to all::.:. (including me)


kat - March 30

ellie you arent going mad,read lighter/shorter periods-there are a few of us going through this-including myself :o)



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