Going On Day 8

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emtcutie1028 - December 3

Day 8 of my missed period. Had some period type cramps today. Other than that nothing. I am going to test in the morning. Wish me luck!


kelsajo - December 3



emtcutie1028 - December 3

thanks :-)


Teddyfinch - December 3

let us know!


emtcutie1028 - December 3

I will for sure.


planklg - December 3

emcutie-Good luck to you. I tested this morning and it was negative. I'm right behind you 5 days late. Called my doc and she said come in for a blood test Thursday 12/5 when I'll be over a week late. I guess we'll both see. I haven't been late for about 3 years but no symptoms today maybe very slight cramping last weekend.I'm happy to go into the doctor's office to have peace of mind. Bye for now,Lee


planklg - December 5

cutie-how are you??L


emtcutie1028 - December 5

took a test yesterday and negative again im 11 days late now. They were going to put me on progesterone but they decided not to.


b__terfly kisses - December 5

emt... you said in your other thread that they won't do a blood test, right? Can you call another doctor? Or maybe a planned parenthood?


planklg - December 5

emcutie-Did you ever take blood test? Have your cycles been regular? If so, I'd take a blood test soon. My doc said come right in because she's known me for 10 years and knows I've been regular for at least 4 years straight. I'm 8 days late and going in tomoroow. Good luck!!Lee


emtcutie1028 - December 6

I am going to call my high risk OB tomorrow and see what they say. Im going on 12 days late tomorrow and still no period. Had a dot of brown spotting today though and cramps yesterday. What did your doc say lee?


b__terfly kisses - December 7

ok... keep us posted! :o)


emtcutie1028 - December 8

well i got af yesterday so looks like im out!


b__terfly kisses - December 8

Aww sorry hun :o( ... but at least the mystery is solved and you can start over! Do you think that maybe you o'd later than you thought you did? That would cause the big delay...


planklg - December 8

Hi cutie- My blood test came back positive. And then finally I took hpt and it was a faint line. I was only a week late and my hcg was low so I have to go back in Monday and do blood test again to make sure my levela are doubling. So hard not be nervous about it, but I'm trying to take long walks with my doggies and just chill. Good luck to you always!!Lee


emtcutie1028 - December 8

aww congrats!! We are not actively trying because we are getting married in July but we are just using withdrawl. We are going to actively start trying in June though


planklg - December 8

ok good luck cutie!!Lee



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