Going To DR Tomorrow

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goingtobefamous - October 24

OK, so im going to the doctor tomorrow but i would like yuor opinion before then to sort of ease my mind in a way. I havent had my period for a month now. Ive had white cm though and alot more recently. I have cramping almost everyday. I sleep CONSTANTLY. I feel as though I eat more but i havent gained any weight. also here in the last few days my bbs have been sore. Although i havent had any nausea i felt it only for one day. I would be around 7 weeks. Do you think that i could be pregnant or my period is just messed up?


SaraW - October 24

Sounds like you have the symptoms...I feel very similar...it's probably best you're going to the doctor tomorrow to test


newlywed0915 - October 24

you sound pregnant! Hopefully the tests the doctor runs give you a bfp!


goingtobefamous - October 24

i guess i could be..but i just think that i would feel more pregnant then this...being this far along. im just not sure.


ma1008 - October 24

thats about all the symptoms i have, im 8 weeks today. plus some nausea. its different for everybody, so just cause you don't have all the symptoms in the book doesn't mean you aren't pregnant. i think you'll get your bfp. keep us posted.


goingtobefamous - October 24

ok a couple more hours before tomorrow arrives but i was out and about today and i had to use the bathroom but there wasnt one where i was at so i had to hold it and finally when i got the chance to go there was white cm with like some yellow in it. could that just have been me leaking or some kind of infection? sorry tmi


goingtobefamous - October 25

Well im going today. but when I woke up i had a brown spot in my panties. so now im definitely discouraged. but of course leave it up to day 30 and the day of the DR to start or something. Do you think I should still mention the possibility of pregnancy when I go in or not?


Kobysmom - October 25

Definitely - I was just in your same situation. When I went they did a pregnancy test to make sure. Of course, I started two days later. I have now been diagnosed with PCOS and getting ready to start Metformin (and possibly Clomid).


lilmissx6 - October 25

well i ad spotin wen my period was due and av bin feelin sik bloated etc am goin 2 docs on mon wa do u think d chances are wish me luk :DX


kendra.marie - October 25

are you pg?! or waht babe


goingtobefamous - October 25

well as sad as it is af came on the way to the doc. so i didnt even mention pregnancy when i got there.but good luck to the rest of you. LILMISS if your spotting was just brown then possibly.


goingtobefamous - October 26

well my period stopped and i have had alot ALOT of clear watery stuff. it soaked my panties last night while i was sleeping.



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