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mary :) - February 26

my af isnt due until march 6th. yesterday for a couple hours i had cramping and some sharp pains could this be a sign of implantation? n o bleeding yet and do you have to have implantation bleeding???


mary - February 26

any input would be appreciated me and hubby have been ttc since oct just found a girl i work with is pregnant and it was a total accident knda frustrating when she doesnt even want a baby and here we have been tryin and nothin yet


S- - February 26

I'm not sure if the pains are from implantation, I have heard of it from ovulation though. Not all people get implantation bleeding.


For Mary... - February 26

I read your posting and i wanted to tell you to be patient in trying to concieve. My husband and i had been trying since sept. and we just found out that i must have concieved in jan. Sometimes if you relax and dont stress on it, it just happens. Ya see, we were told at age 19 that i would never be able to have children well, we started trying about 4 months before we concieved. I am now 9 wks pregnant and had my first ultrasound and there was no heartbeat the doc did a hcg test and said it was not doubleing like it should. Needless to say its a big shock and a great deal of heartache. I cant tell you if you are pregnant or not but what i can tell you is just to relax and let it happen. Signs of implantations can be bleeding or minor cramping. As well as normal pregnancy symptoms. I truely wish you the best of luck. feel free to write if you would like. -Kim [email protected]


mary - February 26

thank you to both of you-im trying not to stress out about it and i think im staying pretty calm but i dont know. Kim i am very sorry about your loss you have a very good chance i know quite a few people in your same boat and they all have kids. One lady i know was told she couldnt have kids and she now has 6 so hopefully that will cheer you up in this hard time God bless!!!



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