Good Sign Or Bad

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Jamie - April 20

My period is due in 7 days. I have tons of wet clear white discharge. Now that I am wondering about pregnancy I can not remember if this happens before every period or not. Isn't that funny. Anyway it is very thin, whitish, clear, and lots of it. What does this mean a week before period?


Dani - April 20

My af is supposed to show up in 7 days too...but, I took an early preggo test and it came back positive. I also had a lot of that wet clear white discharge too. You could possibly be pregnant. I would take a home "early" preggo test. Good luck!!


Val - April 20

Maybe you are ovulating? I ovulated late this month (about 2-4 days before my period was due), and then my period didn't actually show up for another 15 days or so.


erica - April 20

Jamie-My period is due in 7days too. I also been having alot of white clear discharge. Are we supposed to be dry at these time before period.


Erica - April 20

Dani-Were you also experiencing back pain and flu like symptoms.


Jamie - April 20

What are the early preggo tests? I have seen the ones that are supposed to tell 5 days before missed period but will it tell 7 days before? I hate to waste money. I am cramping now and I have dried up a bit already. It seemed to come all at once and then it went away. Still a little bit of it but not much. Also does your cervix swell in early pregnancy at all? I am not sure where everything is positioned up there. Just kinda curious. Thanks-


Jamie - April 20

Hello again. I will go buy one of those early preg tests. My question is how far along do you have to be for it to register correctly and how long should you go without drinking something before you do it? I drink water and Pepsi like a phen. I heard that could dilute HCG. How long should I go without liquids before testing?


erica - April 20

Jamie- Due it first thing tomorrow morning. Your fmu has the most hcg build up if your pregnant.


sara - April 20

There is not a correlation between discharge and pregnancy until you are further along. Testing with fmu is good but even the early tests are only 65% accurate 5 days before your period is due. mine did not turn positive until the day after af was due, and then got af the next day (early miscarriage), it was so disappointing, if I had not taken the test, I never would have known I was pregnant, so there are pros and cons to taking the test less than week before af is due. Best of luck to you*******dust


jen - April 20

i also had the clear whitish thin fluid last week. Period should have started yesterday. but i don't know what it means b/c i've never been pregnant before.



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