Got A Period But Feeling Nauseous And Fluttery Feeling

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baby or no? - September 17

ok so on the 10th of this month i got my is about a week or 2 early, but my period is irregular..but it was brown when i wiped, this went on for two days and finally i had a heavy period with no cramps(which i usually do) for 3 my period is ending aNd im back to getting brown. i get nauseus,,kind of heartburn and my stomach always feels like there are butterflies and im fluttery.i also cry a lot and these are all unusual things for me, but i just took a pregnancy test and it said there any way i could be pregnant?? god this is so stressful!! please help


Sha - September 18

Hi I was like that too, I'm waiting to take the test because all of them were neg a week ago. I spoke with nurse and she said that the pregnancy might be too early to detect. So I suppose wait a bit longer. Did the fluttery fell like a ping on the lower stomach, if it did I have that too. Pray hard I hope it's the right symptoms.


Marie - September 18

I am due my af around the 21st but I tested two days ago and got a bfn. For the past two days I have this flutters in my lower abdomen. They don't hurt it just feels like a muscle twitching.


Sha - September 18

I just found out that it's the stretching of the uterus...Holding thumbs for you all...


leanne - September 18

I get that alot, and i'm unsure if i am pregnant, its a nice feeling, doesn't hurt one bit,plus other signs. For me its like i feel nervous or very bad b___terflies Good luck to you all!! Wish you the best of luck xx


xo - September 19

thanks to everyone that answered..stretching of the uterus huh? i hope that everything turns out good. gosh who knew getting pregnant was so stressful and complicated....i havent felt a lot of fluttery feeling again...just some light heartburn nauseous feeling lately...oh well i guess i just have to wait.


Unsure2225 - October 8

Hoping someone can answer my question. I've been having pregnancy symptoms for the past two weeks and they have increased. I'm not sure how far along I am if either be 12 weeks or 6 weeks. My period has come for both months. Last month is was shorter but that's not abnormal for me. I've been very nauseous and have this fluttering a bit above my Pubic bone. I've been very tired and have headaches, also have breast tenderness. I took two pregnancy tests on Wednesday oct 5th and they were negative and then at the doctors office another on Thursday th 6th and negative again. On Friday I was so nauseous and tired I went to the hospital and they did a blood test and it was negative. I have no idea what's going on. Also last year I didn't realize I was pregnant and had symptoms... I went to the doctors they took a test and it was negative. About a week later I miscarried I was six weeks then. This time I've felt the symptoms stronger but I'm not sure if I'm actually pregnant. Does anyone have answers. 


Stressedhelp - June 5

I feel the same way but dont think ive miscarried i feel like i am pregnant but done the tests and there negative and pain in my lower back and butterfly feeling in stomach and felt nausea but not throwing up but usually when ur geeli g butterfly feeling ur 4months i cant be. 

Im ganging weight just randomly idk.

Is there anyone else thats feeling this way and knows what is happening.

Please and thank u someone have some answers .



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