Got A Positive On My Home Pregnancy Test

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shira - April 14

Hi everyone. I am freaking out. I have been trying for so long to get pregnant, but no luck. Now i decided to go buy a pregnancy test and i said i would wait a day or two to do it,so that it is 2 days before my period date, but i couldn't wait.........and guess said positive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The only thing that is scarying me now is that maybe because i did it too early it is wrong.....??????? It say's on the directions to test 2 days before your expected period.... Does anyone know anything like this?? Has anyone gotten a positive response and then a negative?????


char - April 14

hi shira - first of all MUCH CONGRATS! ur body may response early thus the + sign .. oh! how much i wish i can b like u .. do u suffer any cramps? when's ur af suppose to b? anyway, if u r not convinced, go do another test 2 days aft ur af suppose to due. :))))


Lewis' mummy - April 14

**CONGRATULATIONS** Shira. can we all have some of your baby dust. keep us updated on how it goes, re do the test in 2 days Im sure your pg [lucky c**]. Let us know hun.x x good luck


shira - April 14

hi we'll i took another test today and it came out negative. i don't feel any cramps at all. but it is so weird. could it be that one test showed positive and the other negative???? I just really don't know right now if i am pg or not????


Megan - April 14

Well it could be that one is a false neg/pos. Take a third.


emma - April 14

Congratulations, great news. enjoys


rae - April 14

you could have just taken a different brand and most brands require different levels of hcg. i would go buy the same brand you used first then use first morning pee and see what happens.


Sam - April 14

One positive is really all u need. You are testing early as it is and this seems to happen to a lot of people. Some tests, even within the same box, hold diff. sensitivity levels. There have been people who get an hpt + and a doctor urine test -. I think there is a good chace you are, so just wait a bit and re-test. Good luck!


enail - April 14

Shira--it sounds like congratulations are in order! If you read the test w/in allotted time, and it said pregnant, that you most likely are. Did you test again with same brand, using fmu? Unless you are bleeding or seem like you have your period, you are probably fine. As hard as it is, wait until tomorrow or the next morning and test again with a sensitive test. Good luck!


kim - April 14

A false neg. is much more common then a false pos. I would say congrats are in order!!



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