Got An Unplanned Positive Yesterday A Little Scared

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Nat22 - April 24

Well I took a test yesterday because I was 9 days late for AF, and it came out positive..... I suddenly became so incredibly scared just because it wasn't planned. I have been under an incredible amount of stress lately so I thought I was late because of that. I know everything will be okay and I my dh is very excited about it, but why do I feel so incredibly scared and overwhelmed? I know that most women on this site are planning for their pregnancies, so I don't know if anyone will understand my fears. I just don't know how to calm myslef down


Karen S - April 24

Well congrats Nat22! Just remember if we were all planned than half of us probably wouldn't be here:) Im 38 weeks and yeah Im very scared. It's normal but now they have made an induction date for me and since they gave me a date Im freaking even more. Reality hit's even harder once it gets closer. You will be fine! It's normal to be scared so just relax and enjoy your pregnancy! Is this your first? Good Luck with everything:)


staci - April 24

Your feelings are very normal. Even people on this forum that are actually trying get a little scared too when they finally get their positive. Also it wasn't planned, so naturally you are going to be overwhelmed...Don't worry your fears will turn into joys pretty soon! Now about calming yourself down, just think about how excited your dh is and feed off of that.....I think it is soooo sweet that he is so excited! ...Congratulations, I hope you have a healthy and happy pregnancy!


Emma2 - April 25

Congrats! I believe you are feeling this way because it was unplanned and not ready for it at this moment. I think its more of a shocker for you at this point give yourself sometime to absorb it all and you will be just fine!


dedaa - April 25

I have to children right now both were unplanned alot to deal with at first considering my first I was only 17 but you get used to it pretty fast and it will be the best thing that evr happend to you just take a breath and try to relax it will be fine


LN030905 - April 26

Nate, know..Im ttc and Im scared to death about it! lol!! While dh and I were in the middle of s_x the other day I completly FROZE!!! I started thinking about everything..even telling ppl and I literally froze! Its scary! And Im not even preg yet!! lol!!Like all these ladies said, I think its completly normal! Ive never met anyone who wasnt the least bit worried or nervous! But your dh is so excited and honestly..thats all that matters....that you guys are happy!!! You mom told me that the day she found out she was preg with me(i was the first child) that she had this nervousness and worried feeling and she said that still to this day she has it!! Because thats what moms do all their lives!! :)Congrats, darlin', and God Bless!!


Jamie - April 26

I got an unplanned positive...and you know what? It really is little girl is now almost 9 months old, she's crawling, trying to walk, she just got her first tooth, my DH is convinced she says Dada (she really says dadadadadadadada, but she only says it to him, so who knows?) Anyway - my point's scary to know that in just a few short months, you will be holding your precious little one in your arms and you will be thanking God or whomever for your unplanned miracle. A friend asked me yesterday if I ever still feel surprised that I'm a response was, every time I see my eyes in my daughter's face. It's a major life change, but once it happens, you not only don't want your life to go back the way it was, you can't even remember what your life was like before you were a mommy!


Nat22 - April 27

Well Thank you everyone for your words of encouragement! Well I am relaxing a little more everyday now that it is actually setting in that I am going to be a mama! This one is my first, so that is probably another reason why I got so terrified. My dh and I have wanted to have a baby in the future, so I guess it was God's way of giving us a little one sooner! I just got so terrified that "what if I am not a good mother?"... but I suppose everyone has those fears. But I do feel better now about it and I have my first ultrasound on May 16th!! So then I will actually get to see my precious baby! Thank you again for the words of comfort, I'm glad my feelings of fear are normal!


jeanette - April 27

Nat, you are too cute. We all have fears about being a good mommy, I have 3 kids and still worry about if I need to do this a little more, stop doing that, add this, correct that...etc etc etc. It's the nature of women I believe to strive to be everything our kids need, and very honorable...its the best job in the world! DOnt stress about doing everything perfectly, you will be learning alot along the way, I'm sure you will be a great mommy! God bless darlin!


ariete0416 - April 27

Nat..I was just like you!!! My husband and I always knew we wanted kids "someday" But that day just came out of no where for me! It was my first as well and I was shaking taking the pregnancy test and I cried when I saw positive. My husband on the other hand was so calm and excited. I would have never made it without him! It took me a few months to settle into the idea of being pregnant. But now at almost 26 weeks I can not wait! You know what changed a lot for my fears was seeing the first ultrasound and seeing her move around. I still have fears and I always think first time moms do, but now it is much different than the first few months. I think a lot of my fears was that it was not planned and I am a planner for everything, I am also a stress ball as well, so when this major life changing thing happend and I didn't plan it down to the day...well that just threw me! What you are feeling is perfectly normal and from someone that was in your exact shoes just 20 weeks ago, I can promise you that those fears will ease up and you will really start to enjoy this! Best Wishes to you and your husband.



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