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Nicole2007 - February 28

Today i went to dr and tested positive. I'm Really nervous. My husband and I weren't ttc. But He's really excited. I was shocked to find out that I am 13 weeks pregnant. I took a lot of HPTs and they were all negative. My HCG levels are high but how could I have tested negative. Good Luck to you all.


crackersforme - February 28

Did you test positive on a blood test or a urine test there? Also...when was the last HPT you took? Just curious as I'm having signs of pregnancy....last period was Jan. 2nd...spotted 2 days about six days late from my missed af in February..& still testing negative. If I were pregnant, I would be 7 weeks & 5 days. I'm waiting to see if I miss this month, too....don't want to make an appointment with the doctor until I'm two months late (tomorrow).


VenusdiMilo - February 28

Congratulations Nicole!! Have a Healthy & Happy pregnancy!! Good luck Crackersforme, I hope you are preggo!


Nicole2007 - February 28

Crackersforme, I tested positive on a blood test. I took a HPT last Saturday on the 24th Negative.Took another Sunday Still Negative.


crackersforme - February 28 gave me 'some' hope...... did you ask your doctor for his/her explanation as to why you were testing negative on the HPT's?


pcad - February 28

i was su[pposed to start feb 22 still no af neg tests dr says wait two more weeks. if i am i am 5 wks wouldn't i test pos on a urine test/


crackersforme - February 28

pcad...I'm two weeks further gone than you...although I haven't tested in over a week. But I guess there's still hope as she never tested positive on a hpt & she's 13 weeks.


Marie6549 - March 1

I also didn't get a + hpt with my son until I was 10 weeks and believe me I did a test every other day until it came up +! I really thought that I wasn't pregnant because I really believed the hpt's although deep down I knew I was and kept putting all my symptoms down to the fact that it was all in my head. That time we were lucky as it was our first month ttc and so I thought it couldn't possibly happen so quickly, but it did! This time it took 4 years and I showed + on cd30 of a 32 day cycle, so who knows why it was so weird the first time, but it's not over til AF shows!!!! Also in the 4 years ttc with the one im pregnant with now I was on 150mg Clomid and sometimes I would have cycles where I was 2,3 and even 6 weeks late, but was never pregnant as I had u/s done. One thing I have learnt is that our bodies are such confusing things when they want to be....good luck xxx


MammaJL - March 1

~*Congratulations*~ Nicole!! I hope you have a Happy & Healthy 9Mos.


pcad - March 1

thanks for the encouragement,I guess i'll sit back and lilttle longer to take another test. congrats nicole!!!



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