Got Faint Positive Should I See The Doctor

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Reddy - May 1

I am due on May 2nd. I ovluated on April 18th. I tested this morning and got a faint positive. Should I see a Doctor now or should I wait until I get a very clear positive?


Grandpa Viv - May 1

The faint positive will darken up in the next few days. You can start with prenatal vitamins anytime soon. It would probably be a good idea to wait until you are sure you have missed a normal period before calling for a checkup. The average first visit to the doctor is around the time of the second missed period. Congratulations and good luck!


nica - May 1

I would go now. Because you are definitely pregnant, and if you delay and your doc needs to refer you to a specialist for some reason, you just prolong the wait until you get to see the specialist.


Reddy - May 2

Thank you Grandpa Viv and Nica for your suggestions. Now I am more confused one of you have suggested to wait for couple more weeks, another suggested to go to the doctor right away. Please suggest what should I be doing.


Davida - May 2

Reddy: My doctor would not see me until I was at least 12 wks so your Dr. might have a similar rule. I would wait until you miss your period and call and tell them that you missed and tested positive! Good luck!


kim - May 2

My Dr. Made me wait until 10 weeks. Most won't see you untill then.


jullee - May 2

Reddy: congratulations! Why don't you just CALL your doctor and see what he or she suggest? good luck!


motherof20 - May 2

Reddy, you can wait to call the doctor. I just got a faint BFP on April 24th and then tested again on April 28th and it as as clear as day. I called the doctors office on the 29th - they just wanted a blood test to confirm how far along I am - that's it until 8/9th week. According to my cycles I am 5 weeks pregnant so I won't be going to see a doctor until the 8th week which is May 22nd for a checkup and then on May 29th for an internal ultrasound which I guess is something they do not at the 9th week and then I don't see the doctor again for a while. I asked about prenatal and they said they won't give me those until my 8 week appt. I don't agree with that at all - I started taking over the counter vitamins with high folic acid and eating and drinking all that I can with vitamins and iron and folic acid. Good luck and don't stress about the doctor thing yet. You have time.



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