Got My BFP

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dedaa - June 8

I am so excited took a test early this morning and got a BFP. I thoght for sure something was up with me I guess us women know our bodies. Sticky Baby Dust to all.


tonia - June 8

Congratulations Dedaa! I am very happy for you! H&H 9 months to you!


VenusdiMilo - June 8



ty2 - June 8



Faith1 - June 8

what were your symptoms? if you don't mind me asking....and congratulations!!!


ashleyd - June 8

congrats :)


dedaa - June 8

I do not mind you asking at all. Well I started feeling the same way I did with the previous 2 pregnancys. For some reason my pee is a big giveaway when I am pregnant it does not matter how much Im dehydrated my pee will always be almost clear when im not pregnant it is dark.Sorry if tmi. Then I was becoming constipated a bit now I live off fiber so big clue. »Got some headaches cramping like Af was coming for the past week and half maybe and headaches a bit. But another big clue for me is all the sudden I start eating strange things to me but they are really healthy. I got the weird taste in my mouth and just basically knew that this was it. so I am going to see the doctor on Monday so I will get to find out all the details. The strange thing is I am so happy but sad at the same time I knda feel like Im cheating my 7 month old out of something. Anybody ever feel like this?


rhamel - June 8

Don't feel like you are cheating your 7 month out of anything, if anything you are giving that baby the best present in the world.... someone to play with! My sister was 7 months old when my mom got pregnant with me and I LOVE my big sissy.


dedaa - June 9

Thank you rhamel Im feeling alot better this morning about everything that is the way I am looking at it for now on after all that is one of the biggest reasons we started ttc. I think yeasterday was just the initial shock of evrything. I hope my 7 month old and this new baby will have a relationship like you have with your sister.


dedaa - June 11

My goodness since I missed my Af I find I get alot of cramping anyone else getting that?


Danielle26 - June 11

I've been having off and on cramps, nothing major, just enough to keep reminding me that, what do ya know, I'm still pregnant! I'm still so much in shock that I almost forget that I am!



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