Got My Results Of My Test Today

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Madison - March 17

I am 6 weeks late and I have had many faint pos home i got my results of my blood test back and she said it is less then 2,,,,,I dont know why but deep down I just know i am pregnant I just cant let it go, something just says that this test is wrong.....Am I givin myself hope that i can still be or should i just let it go, I am a bigger lady and it has been hard for me to get pregnant in the past I want this sooo bad


mulgajill - March 17

i have read a few posts on here about larger ladies or bbw's as we call 'em (big beautiful women) ..... takes longer to get positive preg test results... 2 is not nothing... have it checked again in a few days to see if it is rising... good luck!!!


Grandpa Viv - March 17

Madison, I'm sorry but it's hard to give you encouragement with a quant_tative of 2 at 8 weeks. It should be in the thousands by now. Not sure what the faint pos home tests are, unless you are reading after the time limit and seeing an evaporation line. Anyone have experience that says there is still hope?


Madison - March 17

My heart is broken, I just could have swore I was pregnant. Has ANYONE, ever had a neg blood test when in fact they were???????


em - March 17

a friend of mine had a neg blood test. they called her in to have an ultrasound b/c her estrogen levels were way to high for someone who was not pg. call your dr and ask about your estrogen levels


Amy - March 18



Kerry - March 18

I asked the same question the other day. I could swear I am pregnant I have had all the signs and my blood test came back from the doctors and it was less then 2, and I am also a bigger lady, which I have heard that may have something to do with it.


Pam - March 18

Madison- How long are your cycles? My cycles are 41 days. Which means I ovulate late. I know I conceived somewhere btwn 2/18 and 2/25. When the doctors took my HCG the first time it was neg (but I had something). They made me retest on 3/7 and it was in the 200's. I am retesting today, because my lmp was 1/28 and by there stupid way of calculating I should be at 7 weeks today. However I know that my cycles are long and know that I am probably at 4 weeks (which is why the numbers aren't there yet). Make them test you again next week. I found out I was pg on Tuesday and it was suppose to be a happy time, but instead I was hysterical crying because I thought that I was at seven weeks and things where moving to slow, when in fact things are moving fine. Good Luck Madison. I hope your wishes come true and this works out for you.


Molly - March 18

I had a blood test every 2 weeks and all neg, then when I was 12 weeks my test showed levels of 122...My doc said that I was only about a week or so, But i knew there was nooo way I had not even been with my husband for 2 mths he has been away from home.....So he did a scan and saw a 12 week old baby...he had no way to explain it other then my weight....I am about 80 lbs overweight and he said that fat cells absorb the hormones and there are less and blood and urine....And by the way.....Just for fun i tested with a hpt all the way through and NEVER got a pos....GO FIGURE


Amy - March 18



hunter - March 18

I agree with you I dont know what there deal is, I have known people how test have been wrong,,,If you not here to support someone GET THE HELL OUT, Im sorry for you issue Madison, I wish you the best, my friend is a Plus size women and she did not test pos on a blood test until she was 12 weeks....please just ignore some people on here and go with your instinct


Jasmine - March 18

What in the world is wrong with you if your sick of it then get the hell out


kiyla - March 18

adisjn hunni, i would deand an ultrasound. i cant belive that your not pregnant. friend of mine didnt show on a test (large woan) didnt show on a blood test, but my mother was so adaent she had a pregnancy glow and kept going on. so anyway she asked for an us/scan and she was 14 weeks pregnant! so if i were you id ask for a trest. your signs are literally telling you about it!


Madison - March 18

I didnt mean to Make anyone mad on here, I am just confused , Im going to wait 2 weeks and test again wish me luck


Sick of it!!!!! - March 18

TEST again do you just not understand how this works, OK they take your blood and they look at it and if a thing called HCG is no in there then there is NO baby, God get it through your head, you just waisting space and the use of your keyboard


J - March 18

Sick of it- We are sick of you! Your a negative force. Let me ask you a question? Where did you get your medical degree that you know so much? Tests are wrong. HCG levels at 2 could be rising slowly. Sometimes people need more than one blood test. People know their own body. Grow up already and I agree with another poster on this board- If your sick of ot then get out. Nobody is asking for you opinion. We are here to support one another. If your not interested in that then get out. We're sick of you and people like you. Madison---Ignore this person. They obviously aren't having a good day. You do whatever you have to do for yourself.


Pat - March 18

IF you dont have anything nice to say why do you keep reading!!!!! I just dont get it you dont like and yet you keep reading our posts



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