Got The BFP But Don T Want To Get Too Excited

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hthab - May 2

It's official. I got a true BFP this morning (16 dpo). Here are the symtoms I've had: 11 dpo: A slightly brownish-clear discharge in my panties. Only a tiny bit. 12 dpo: BB's a bit bigger than normal, not sure if it's due to AF coming. Start getting cramps that feel just like AF is coming, but normally I wouldn't get them this early. Take pregnancy test, and there is a very faint pink line. At this point, I could assume that I'm pregnant, but not wanting to get my hopes up, I decide to wait. 13 dpo: Same symptoms. Take another PT, and this time, the line is slightly darker, but still faint. Could this be real? 14 dpo: Same symptoms, plus I start to see what I call "ring around the areola". :) My areolas are darker and a bit bigger. Take another PT, and this time it's extremely faint again. Not wanting to get my hopes up, I guess that maybe it's a chemical pregnancy. Decide not to test for a couple more days. 16 days dpo (today): Still having cramps and weird BBs. Take another test, and this time, it's clearly a BFP! Is it normal to still not want to get excited???? I know it's still early. Part of me wants to celebrate, but the other part doesn't want to be disappointed if this doesn't work out. I think I'm paranoid. My advice to everyone else TTC (I tried 4 cycles) is wait at least a couple of days after a missed period before taking the stupid test. The test results are not accurate enough when taken early, and if you have a personality like mine, it will put you on an emotional rollercoaster!


aish - May 2

Thats so gr8 ...congrats happy....why u r not happy u only TTc 4 cycles thats not too long ....we all in this board r trying for so many mths& years.. Enjoy ur achievement....Did u do anything diff. this cycle???


Amber #2 - May 2

Awww....I'm so excited for you!! I know you were really stressing over this!!! Congrats girl!


LN030905 - May 2

YAY!! Congrats!



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