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LN030905 - February 3

I am wondering if it is possible that I am ovulating twice in one irregular cycles have varyied anywhere from 32-72 days since going off bc a year ago. I know I o somewhere around cd 23 and I have been taking opks the past few days and the line is getting darker and darker each am wondering if its possible that I could ovulate twice within one cycle. Wouldnt that mean that by the time the second ovulaton came around that those eggs would be old?? I dont really know what that works, but is that possible?


mommyof3stepmommyof2 - February 3

What CD are you now?


LN030905 - February 3

56 ahhhhh!


LN030905 - February 3

I know this sounds silly but it makes since to me..because I usually o around cd 23..and then if I o again..that would be about 20 days later..and then about another 20 days later i start!


jessicaspatherapist - February 3

ln!!!!!! i can't believe you are having cycles that long!!!!! yikes! i have no answer to your question at all, just wanted to say hi and that i was wondering where you have been lately :)


LN030905 - February 3

Hey! I know..i have been mia alot! I started a new job and cla__ses..been sickly this week with a cold..icky! Things are good, though! How are you? Hows married life and the belly?? :) I know my cycles are way makes actually ttc almost impossible.


LIN - February 4

Are you just getting lines that are darkening, or are you actually getting a second round of positive opks? Your LH level can fluctuate a bit. I don't remember - are you temping? If not, then maybe you should seriously consider it. If you're getting positive opks at two different times in your cycle, then it's likely that you're not ovulating the first time and then surging again later. Sometimes our bodies can gear up for ovulation, show every little sign of it - high cp, open cervix, ewcm, cramps, etc. - but not actually ovulate. Then another LH surge comes later that actually results in ovulation.


jessicaspatherapist - February 4

Ln :) belly is getting nice and round and married life is so nice! i'm just so happy! can't wait till more of you ladies get your bfps! so we need to get your cycle figured out!


Grandpa Viv - February 4

I'm with LIN. Temping is the only way you are likely to find out the true state of affairs. OPKs are not for-sure confirmation of O, just a precursor. Is it possible that one ovary is not producing an egg most months, so your body gets all geared up and then hibernates until the other ovary has its turn? IDK. Just a thought. Good luck!



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