Grampa Viv Progesterone And Ovulation HELP

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Kristina - February 24

Grampa Viv or anyone else who may know the answer.... I went to the doctor on Feb 23 (CD 25) for a blood test to see if I ovulated. He called me today Feb 24 (CD 26) and said that I did not. I have been feeling ovulation pains for the past 5 days. Last month I had an LH surge on CD 28. I have been having 38-39 day cycles. Is it possible that I just had not ovulated as of yeasterday when my blood was drawn? Is it possible that I ovulated today? I am just scared. I dont know what that progesterone test actually tested for. I guess just a yes or no to ovulation. Could I already be pregnant? We BD'd on Feb 20, 21,22 and 23 (CD's 22,23,24,25) Help, please!!!!


bump - February 24



help - February 24



Grandpa Viv - February 24

Doesn't the follicle release progesterone after ovulation, at least long enough to keep the uterus receptive in case fertilization occurs. I bet he looks at progesterone to see if the follicle is doing its thing. Let's hear from women who have ovulation pains for 5 days - I don't think that is normal. What is happening with your mucus and cervical psition? That should tell you something. Good luck!


Kristina - February 24

I have been having EWCM for the past 2 days - and I am not really sure about cervical position. I have not been keeping track of that. Why do you think my test said no?


mulgajill - February 24

last month you had surge on day 28... so if your dr's test was on this cycles day 26... you had probably not ovulated YET and from the mucus you are probably ovulating now... better get busy in the bedroom .... :-)


Kristina - February 24

Thanks mulgajill! I will be looking for that surge and keep TTC. I have had a very faint test line on my OPK's for the past few days.... I have been expecting the DARK surge line, but no suck luck yet... will try again tomorrow! :)



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