Grampa Viv Quick Ques Or Anyone Else Who Has Tested Late

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maddie - May 19

Hi...I had a quick question for you since you seem to have very good knowledge of conception and pregnancy. I was due for AF on 5/16, never arrived. I usually have a 29 day cycle, last mp was 4/18. I honestly cannot remember ever being late. I also have had increased soreness in br___ts this week. Bad constipation and have been running to bathroom ever 5 min because I feel like AF is here, also temps been running higher for week...98.8. I have gotten 2 negs this week. I am getting concerned but have looked up some articles about implantation sometimes taking longer than usual. Any info you have or links to more info would be appreciated. Sorry this is so long


lisa - May 20

Hi maddie...just wanted to let you know that with my first I did not test positive until two weeks after AF was due. I had very mild symptoms and then they hit around six weeks. I would keep testing weekly and make a doctors appt just to be sure. I know my doc told me when I tested late that I had just concieved later than believed (therefore implanting later). Good luck


Grandpa Viv - May 20

Did you have s_x the weekend of May 1st? Untimely b___st soreness, digestive system changes, and slightly elevated temps are all signs. Also common are fatigue (more time in bed but not necessarily asleep) and more frequent peeing. Finally, if the "running to the bathroom every 5 min for AF" is due to an unusual "wet down there" discharge, getting a positive is probably just a matter of time. With your dates, I would have suggested a first test Sun May 22 first pee, and at weekly intervals thereafter. Good luck!


maddie - May 20

Thanks for the advise. I did indeed have s_x the weekend of May 1st. I think I'm just getting frustrated b/c so many people seem to get an early detection. Well here's to waiting


meg - May 20

how long can it take for bfp


b - May 20




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