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best - April 9

I havent' had my period since feb the 5th, my period is usually irregular but not to this extent, I have plenty of discharge, br___t tingling and pain and my stomach is really bloated, I had three pregnancy tests all negative, I would like to know what is happening, I really don't mind both, I would like my period to come if I am not prego and to know if I am( which I really don't think it is the case), I am 28 years old, is there any other reason that you would have these symptoms, could I be premonopausal at this age, or do I have any thing wrong with me, what should I do to get my period back, I started some vitamines (well woman) hoping that I could adjust my hormones,,,I am really comfused and worried..any ideas?


Grandpa Viv - April 9

Hmm! You could skip one period and think nothing of it, but if you skip two you should prob see the doc and ask for a blood test and an explanation. The doc can goose up your cycle if that is what is needed. Are you underweight?


best - April 10

no I am not under weight or over weight, I am normal, I wouldn't say that I skipped 2 periods, my cycle is very long, so I think I skipped one now and still expecting the cycle ranges between 45 and 50 days, it has always been like that and I have got a 3 year old boy..that is why I am not so worried about it..and sometime I used to skip periods and would worry, what is worrying me is my b___st tingling and tenderness and even enlargement, this I used to only have one or two weeks before my period and when I was pregn with my first, why now, what could make you skip period and have b___st enlargement other than your period and pregnancy, I am going to get another test, but I don't think so...I am really worried I have lot' s of discharge as well, no smell just lot's of it and keep on checking if af came?? and today we went to a museum where we went into mines, and I was about to through up...any idea...does hormonal imbalance make this symptoms


Liz - April 10

Youa re still sooooo young and would most likele NOT be premenopausal. I am 37 and my doc. said I am a ways off yet! I was preg. last time at 29 and you sound alot like I did when I was preg. Great luck to you and keep us posted!


best - April 10

thank you soo much Liz for saying that to me, I was really thinking that I am premonopausal as I cannot find any explanation to what is happening to me...but this give me a bit of peace of mind...thanks thanks thanks...



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