Grampa Viv Please Answer Other Advice Would Be Appreciated

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Missy - February 22

I was due for my Af on Sunday, 2/20. Still haven't gotten it. Normally a week or so before I get it, I have severe br___t pain & tenderness. Right now I have no pain. The only difference in me over the past 2-3 days is that I am eating everything in sight. I have a tremendous amount of gas pain, indigestion & going to the bathroom more. Last week for only 1 day I had a small temperature ranging between 99-101. Then it went away. I've also had some pains on both my lower right & left sides, sparatically. We've been ttc. We tried earlier during ovulation on 2/3 & 2/6. Is it possible that I could be pregnant with no symptoms? I don't want to take a test yet. What do you think?


tiffani - February 22

It is very possible, and the missing period, having s_x during ovulation, and the little pains (do they feel like mild cramp like pains?) are very encouraging signs. You are much more patient that I am, I would have tested before my period was due with a early detection test. Good luck to you. :o)


Liz - February 22

My last pregnancy (7 years ago)I tested on the very day I missed my period(1st one was neg. but the one later in the day was definate pos)I had no symptoms til much farther along into the preg. I just had "a feeling".


mona - February 22

I am going through the same thing. My period was due on the 18th and still nothing. I did a test yesterday ans it was neg. I am pondering my self whether to take another one???? Let me know if you do.....


Missy - February 22

Thanks for your input. Tiffani - The pains I'm feeling in the lower left & right don't feel like cramps, it just feels different. Kind of like gas pains, hurt when I walk sometimes. Also similiar to ovulation pains. I'll probably test on Sunday. My gyn told me that its normal for woman to not get their period up until 5 weeks after their last period but after 5 weeks, time to get a test. Lets play the waiting game.



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