Granda Viv Just Had Laparoptomy No Diagnosis

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roxyttandme - March 23

If you recall, you have responded to my answers before. For about 5 months, I have had lower abdominal pain. Per your recommendation, I started to talk with my doc. I had two paps, two ultasounds, 5 blood test, 3 pee tests, and exploratory sergury. And still the doc's dont know what is wrong with me. They found a small amount of endrometriosis, but not enough to cause pain or problems. My pain is in my left groin near my leg joint. At times it feels like it is going down into my leg. It happens about 5-10 times a day and last only 3 mins. And it is not a cramp! Any ideas??? Still TTC.


Lin - March 23

I had a laparoscopy a few years ago and have had pain exactly where you describe it ever since. I think my problem is a matter of scar tissue, but you need to rule out a hernia. Have you asked the doctor whether or not it could be a hernia? There are also lymph nodes in that area, so perhaps your doctor can do a blood test to rule out an infection that you aren't aware of. Infections can swell the lymph nodes. At the very least, he should be able to tell you whether or not your lymph nodes are swollen.


roxyttandme - March 23

Lin- That is great advise. The Doc and I havent even looked at those options. What do they do for a hernia?


Grandpa Viv - March 23

Wow, I am sorry you are going through so much. Lin's suggestion is worth pursuing. Maybe the doc keeps looking for something related to pregnancy, and the pain is something completely different. There seems to be no reason to hold back on TTC. Have you gone scientific yet, with temping at etc. Good luck!


Amber #2 - March 23

roxyttandme! I'm kind of in the same situation as you but I've only had this pain for 2 weeks. Mine is in my lower back and abdomen on the left side. ?At first he thought it was a UTI, but the culture came back negative. Then they did a CT Scan on Monday to see if it was kidney stones and it came back negative. I'm going back to the Dr. on Monday so hopefully I will get some answers. My mom seems to think it might be related to endometriosis, but I don't know! I'm just so confused and so tired of hurting all the time! Well, good luck with your problem and let me know if you find anything out!


Lin - March 23

Well, when I was in Germany the doc sent me to a surgeon to check for the hernia, and he just felt around down there near the lymph nodes and had me cough a bit, or something like that. My guess is that in most places, the regular doc would just do all that, since the Germans just love to pa__s you around from doc to doc so they can squeeze money out of the system. I'm really surprised that your doc didn't check for that already, considering the leg-joint-groin location that you mention.


ashley - March 23

roxy sounds to me some what like sciatic nerve pain. I get it in two different spots. Unfortunately theres only things to do to try and relieve it (only a long night of sleep laying on the other side works for me) but there is no real cure. If you had a hernia, I would think you would feel a bulge some where down there.


Lin - March 23

Sciatic pain typically stems from the lower back and the nerve runs down the middle of the leg, not the groin area. I get some nerve pain due to scar tissue build up in the area roxyttandme mentioned, and it's in the saphenous nerve that runs down the inside of the leg.


Bing - March 23

You'd definitely know if it was sciatic pain...sicatic pain feels like the worse charlie horse you can ever imagine starting from your b___t going sometimes all the way down your calf. Definitely not in the groin.


BrendaW - March 24

I have endo and get pains like that before and when on AF. But not that regular or often my doc told me endo was on a nerve? Syatic nerve can do that too if it is pinched or something- I know when my sis was prego and the baby would lay wrong she would get pains like that down her leg. I have heard as well the back down thing but i would ask doc to just double check, could be another nerve thing? good luck



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