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Erin - December 3

Hi there, on monday (Nov 29)I had two 1st response early result tests come back with a very faint line (both of them). I went to the doc on Tuesday and had a beta hcg test and it came back at 0 (negative). Then yesterday (Thursday) I took a 1st response and an Answer and dipped them in a cup of urine at the same time and left them there for 3 minutes-like the directions say. I saw two PINK lines on each tests. A couple minutes later both of the "pregnant lines" had disappeared from both tests. I took another 1st response this a.m. and there was nothing. I don't know what to attribute all these positve and negative tests to, but I am really confused. Is it possible for the same brand of test to give me different results.


Grandpa Viv - December 3

Congratulations on your scientific approach. I have corresponded with another woman who had the same kind of up and down results, home and clinic. She ended up at what was thought to be 8 weeks and two missed periods with a physical examination that was negative. This is not to say the same is going to happen to you. The only consistency in her case was that the clinic tests were correct. I don't know what is going on and would appreciate input from others, including your doc. I'm tempted to suggest you carry a sample to the doc's office after you have tested it positive. I wonder if it has to be refrigerated for that to work? If you still feel pregnant a week from now, test again.


Erin - December 4

Thanks a bunch for your input. I HATE these waiting games. I think women play mind games with themselves when they think they are pregnant. At least I think I do. Every day I wait feels like a year, but that is the only way to find anything out. I mean, I am either going to start my period, OR I won't! Someone needs to manufacture portable ultrasound machines available to the public, so everytime a woman thinks she might be pregnant, she can take a look inside for herself. Okay wishful thinking.



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