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tiffani - December 11

Help me please. Had period Oct.9. Sex Oct. 17. Period Nov.20. Bleeding/or perhaps period AGAIN Dec. 4 (lasted 2 1/2 days). Crampiness (is that a word???) on sides and middle. Any ideas??? Also, took hpt Nov.19, which was negative. Not on birth control. Thanks!


Grandpa Viv - December 11

It's not jumping out at me that you are pregnant. S_x on Day 8 of the October cycle might just have got you pregnant if he came in you. Are you normally on a 28 day cycle, so Dec 4 would have been on schedule and Nov 20 late? I think I would take another hpt now, just to be sure, and if your cycle isn't straightened out by January I would see a doc. It might be time to have a check-up and go on the pill.


tiffani - December 11

My last couple of periods have been 35 days and 43 days apart. I haven't had regular (by regular, I mean 28 days apart) since I was on the pill 3 years ago. I had a yearly check up in July, everything was clear. Don't want to go on the pill, as hubby and I are going to try for #3 in the late winter/early spring. We wouldn't be upset at all at getting pregnant sooner, although that is not our goal when we have s_x. Just looking for advice before I go through the motions with doctors. I think I will try another hpt next week, but it just seems like a long shot. Thanks for your advice.


tiffani - December 11

Bump E or M or anyone else with intelligent advice....I would appreciate anyone's thought on this. Thanks!


bump - December 12



Grandpa Viv - December 12

With erratic periods like that, you are going to have to become familiar with your ovulation signs if you are planning to become pregnant. Read up on cervical mucus and cervical position. Happy hunting!


tiffani - December 12

I'm well aware of ovulation signs, I have 2 (planned) children. My concern is not how to conceive, but rather what the heck is going on with my body. I'm starting to think it's just some misbehaving hormones. Time will tell. I can rule out pregnancy at this time, which is a relief. Thanks for your help.


E - December 12

Hi Tiff, just saw this thread and I have no real insight about this. Sorry I cannot help. How do you know you are not pregnant? Lastly, I would invest in some Clearblue Ovulation Test Kits. I bought mine on eBay for $5-$7 per box (7sticks per box) and they were always sealed. It helped me to get pregnant three times. Good luck darling:)


tiffani - December 13

Thanks for your response E. I know I'm not pregnant because I took 2 tests, 1 on Nov. 19th and the other this past Saturday. Both negative. I can't explain the 2nd period, but I think the cramps i'm feeling are just ovulation signs. When we do ttc in a few months, I will definately check out Ebay for the deals on the ovulation kits. Thanks again, have a great day! = o )


m - December 13

Hi Tiffani, just now saw this one. Sorry about that! I'm like E, this one's a tough one. I was thinking that maybe you ovulated on day 8, and got preg on the 17th. But Nov 20 is kindof late for implantation bleeding. Are your periods normally only 2 1/2 days? How long was Nov 20? If you took a test this past Saturday, then it would have shown positive if you got preg in October. However, it is possible to get pregnant on your period, or very shortly after. Therefore, could it be possible that you got pregnant on or around your Nov period? And possibly Dec 4 could have been implantation? If so, maybe your hcg level isn't high enough to test positive quite yet. If I were you, I would ask for a quant_tative blood test at your doctor's office. And also, you might try getting you some ovulation tests. They work well! I bought some strips from I got 20 strips for $17. They take usually 3-4 days to get in. They also sell cheap hpt strips. Good luck tiffani, and keep us posted!


m - December 13

Oops my bad! I re-reading, I realize you and E discussed the ovulation test thing. Don't know how I missed that! E's right, I once got some Clear Blue, too, and they are good.



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