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c - February 4

I had a shorter than normal period and have been bloated since it ended 2 weeks ago. Is this a sign of pregnancy?? Also, I have had other symptoms for about a month nausea no vomitimg but I have lost weight (7 lbs) smells bother me, tired,pain in stomach and abdomen like period pain. I am so sick i just need an answer.


c - February 4

also, if i should do an hpt test which one do you recommend


kim - February 4

I don't know where Grandpa Viv has gone. Some women have what is like a period in the first trimester. The first sign I noticed was being really tired and nausea so these could be good signs. It is still alittle early to tell if that really was your period 2 weeks ago. They suggest waiting until you miss a period to take a test. I would be concerned about losing 7 lbs., unless of course you are on a diet. If you are pregnant that much weight loss is not healthy. I would see your Dr. for there opinion.


Grandpa Viv - February 4

Grandpa Viv went skiing in Chamonix! He is back and pretty much in one piece. Skiing at 67 years old is not prudent, but it is still fun. C, you can have bleeding at period time during pregnancy, but it is usually lighter than normal. Upsets to the digestive system in early preg. include heartburn, gas, bloating, constipation and diarrhea. Feelings of nausea and sensitivity to smells (perfume, cigarettes?) are common. Your signs started a week before your last "period", which is about when one expects implantation. Your nausea and smell sensitivity have turned you off eating and you have lost weight. This doesn't happen to everyone, but weight gain in the first trimester is often negligible for this reason. I suspect that you are 7 weeks pregnant (since lmp), and if you take a home test first pee this weekend, you will likely get a positive. Good luck!


Grandpa Viv - February 4

PS. At this stage your hCG should be high enough that the cheapest test will be just fine (Walmart or the Dollar Store (ask the cashier), not a drug store)


B'lana - February 4

Grandpa Viv, I am now 8 days late got the whole thing of nausea and stuff... b___b's don't hurt though... and don't seem to be any different, but a bit more eager, I tested last Sunday and the Monday before that, all negative... now that I am 8 days late what should I get to test? Thanks a lot!


C - February 5

Thank you Grandpa Viv and Kim I will take a test very soon. I'll definately post the outcome


c - February 5

Kim I'm not on a diet just really sick. THe smell of food and other smells make me sick. Even to look at them



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