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Lynn - April 21

Can someone have a hormone imbalence that can cause you to have period like bleeding and neg urine tests even when you are pregnant?


Grandpa Viv - April 21

Hmm! If you are not pregnant you can have a hormone imbalance that give you signs of pregnancy. Urine tests would be negative. If you are pregnant, some bleeding is not unusual, and urine tests in some cases take weeks to give a positive. I hope this answers the question.


Lynn - April 22

Sorry this is so long. My last normal period (which lasts for 7 days and is usually very heavy for 2-3 days) was in Jan. My periods in Feb., Mar., and Apr. were all shorter than normal (Feb.-5 days, Mar.-4 days, Apr.-3 days) and each month the volume has been about half of the previous month. Since Feb., I have been very tired, had mild nausea on and off, had more cm than usual, b___sts have gone from a 34 C to a 36 D and are heavier and tender (the left more than the right), Have not ovulated since Feb., have had mild abdominal cramps on and off, I have noticeable veins on my b___sts, thighs and abdomen, and my abdomen is swollen just below the navel (I look 4 months pregnant even though I'd only be about 13 wks.) All urine tests have been neg. I went to the OBGYN when I would have been about 11 wks, but she just said I wasn't pregnant and everything is normal (she only did a urine test). I know something's not right. I feel pregnant. I'm afraid that if I am pregnant, and a hormone imbalence is causing me to still have periods, that I might miscarry. I think the obgyn automatically a__sumed I wasn't pregnant because of the period and test results. I have read in this forum that many women don't get positive urine tests, and at least one of my relatives had period type bleeding throughout her pregnancy. Any suggestions on what to do next?


not G. viv, just try'n to help - April 22

I'm obviously not granpa viv, but maybe I can offer some advice, I've read on some forums about this same thing happening, women who think they are pregnant but the doc's tel them they aren't, and more than one woman said that they just kept pushing for an ultra sound and they got it and they were pregnant, you might want to try asking for one. I'm not sure if I helped you at all, but good luck


Grandpa Viv - April 22

Is the National Health Service doing this to you? There's enough going on here that your OBGYN should not be brushing you off. You are past the time when neg hCG might be linked to ectopic pregnancy, but I believe a molar pregnancy might be in the cards. This involves a placenta but no fetus. Insist on an answer! An ultrasound will sort you out pretty quick. Come back and let us know. Good luck!


KEEKEE - April 22

Hi Lynn, We seem to have the same story(almost). I have had abnormal periods since Dec. The periods are short and then spotting a couple of days later...In Feb. I start to have nausea, my b___sts size change and every other pregnancy sign in the book. I took a hpt and it was(-).........I called my Dr. and he made me a appointment and I went for bloodwork today. I will get the results on Monday...... A women can be pregnant and have period like bleeding. Sometimes hpt do not work. It is best to get a blood test and ultrasound to find out if you are pregnant. This is from a GYN/OB mouth. That is what I'm doing right now.....................Yes a hormonal imblance can cause these symptoms too. I think It would be best for you to go see another doctor( obgyn). Ask for a ultrasound to ease your mind.......Are you ttc??? Have you had a blood test yet????......My sister didn't find out she was pregnant until her 4th month. The Hpt didn't pick up the pregnancy. She also had bleeding/ periods every month on time.........I hope this helps.....Good Luck and Baby Dust!!!!! Let me now what happens


Lynn - April 23

Thanks. I think I'm going to wait until I'd be about 14 wks before I go back to a different obgyn. I think I'll pick a male one this time. From what I've read, male obgyns tend to listen and be more caring than female obgyns. I decided to wait a bit because by 14 wks, they might be able to hear a heartbeat if I am pregnant. I know it's not ectopic Too many wks to be that) and I'm pretty sure it's not a molar pregnancy either (I read about those in pregnancy books and I don't have any of the risk factors). The problem is if you have an HMO, you have to find a doctor who is willing to push for more testing, which is hard to find in Florida. Also, would progesterone cream help prevent a miscarriage if it were a hormone problem? Thanks again, and I'll keep you posted.


Lynn - April 25

Any suggestion on when to make an appointment with a different obgyn? I don't want to wait too long, but I dont't want to go too early and get another brush off.


*//Amber//* - April 25

That usally happens if you are on a b.c or coming off a b.c or just had a baby. Id ask your doctor


bump - April 26



Grandpa Viv - April 26

Lynn, if you haven't done a urine test in the last couple of weeks, it would be a good idea. By week 13 a Doppler should be able to pick up a heartbeat. If there is some test you want run and it is not covered by the HMO, you can ask for it and pay for it yourself. Perhaps the thing to do is to go in complaining of a hormone problem, not a pregnancy, and let them take it from there. Good luck!


Lynn - April 27




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