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j. - December 20

What is the consistency of cm supposed to be like in early pregnancy? AF is due 12/31, but for the last 2 to 3 weeks I have not been dry at all. It started out very very clumpy(odorless) to a very creamy lotiony texture. I posted this morning regarding spotting that I noticed this morning when trying to check for cm and feel for cervix position. Then hours later, I noticed pinkish blood on toilet paper after wiping. I've been having hot flashes since last night. Do these signs sound promising? I'm so confused.


jeanette - December 20

Well, I'm not Grandpa Viv...but they sound promising to me! Good luck!! Hope you get a bfp soon!!


j. - December 20

thanks jeanette. i think you replied on my previous post as well. thanks for being on top of this. you ladies are so supportive. baby dust to all!


Stacy - December 20

Maybe it was implantation spotting! Good Luck.


Emily - December 20

I am not Granpa viv either but, when did you ovulate. I would think it is a little early for implantation bleeding if you were not due for af until 12/31. DO you have an really long lutal phase? Or maybe it is ovulation spotting. I have hear that some woman spot durring ovulation. It has never happend to me that I have noticed, but one lady on a thread I belong to, spotted around ovulation the cycle she got her bfp. Good luck to you. Test on New Years Eve. What a way to ring int he New Year! Good luck and baby dust....


j. - December 20

thanks emily. according to the charts i ovulated on the 16th. i too though it's early for IB but I've never experienced o spotting before either. i have a little while to wait it out and see what happens. thanks.


j. - December 20

friends are speculating i ovulated early if indeed it is IB. we'll see....


Emily - December 20

Keep us informed....good luck, ps if you o warly, you should get af early, so you maybe able to test in a few days if that is the case. If it is IB then I would wait four days at least and then maybe you could test. I am not an expert on that. I just know that it takes several days for the baby to produce enough hCG after implation to show up in your urine....


Grandpa Viv - December 20

The early cm is an oddity, but the hpt flashes are promising. I would still focus on having implantation recently, with more signs to come. Good luck!


j. - December 21

Okay, here's the deal. I had a very strong pain in my lower abdominal area. It lasted for a couple of hours and I'm not sure if it was just gas or what. I noticed some pinkish/brownish discharge on my pantyliner and that was it. Nothing over night. Just what I had noticed yesterday. If in fact it's IB, is it possible to just have it for one day?


Grandpa Viv - December 21

The most frequent post on early IB is "pink and brown when wiping". It may only last a day, and it is only noticed in half the pregnancies (about). There are other posts on "brown periods" which some think of as implantation also. Be patient, and Good Luck!


j. - December 22

I've been noticing the last couple of days that my face has been super oily by mid-day. I've never had a problem with oily skin before. Does this have anything to do with my hormones if in fact this is my bfp month? Thanks.



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