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mjvdec01 - May 8



browneyes888 - May 8

AMEN sister!!


mjvdec01 - May 8

I am so glad someone on here agrees with me.


austynsmommy - May 8

I also agree with you. I just read what he wrote. That was very mean. He has no right to tell anyone that.


mjvdec01 - May 8

I just really don't understand what he gets out of being here. It is getting to be an inappropriate situation. I really hope he reads this and responds. If he doesn't, that just says more about him as far as I am concerned.


Ang3lz - May 8

I read his comment as well and I do have to say that is was very rude and inappropiate. What she does is her business, she is using this site just like the rest of us to find out info on things that we are experiecing. She didn't ask if she should use condoms next time therefore that should not have been part of anyone's answer.


mjvdec01 - May 8

I just don't see what qualifies him to be here? Grandpa Viv, if I missed it and you are an OB,or have some other kind of qualifying credentials, then I would really be interested in hearing about it. We know you aren't a woman, so why so interested?


krissy2006 - May 9

Regarding the "weird" thread, In my not so humble opinion, it is totally one thing for Grandpa Viv to say, that it is likely or not likely yada yada that someone is pregnant based on symptoms they offer. It is completely something else to not only go into detail as to what she could potentially be feeling without an explanation as to why or that she may be pregnant and feel all, some, or not any of it, but to go as far as to say that she SHOULD look into getting some condoms and learn how to use them. It p__ses me off sometimes that he treats some posts as if they are written by teens and yet disregards some of the most important information while confusing them by only adding details and unnecessary commentary. Unless the poster with the question gives their age or is on the TEEN FORUM don't a__sume it. And if we aren't a__suming ages, don't a__sume that this female isn't a perfectly rational adult woman (18+) who just wants to know what her chances are. She didn't ask about condoms. Maybe for whatever reason she can't use them (hello latex allergy!!) maybe she used another form of protection (hello insertable spermicide) or maybe she just wanted an answer to her question, which was what are her chances of being pregnant without her bf having c_m inside her. Is it too difficult to just answer the question at hand? And if the answer to the question at hand is to take a test, than by all means, let the answers TAKE A TEST rack up. It will confirm what she needs to do!! Am I alone in smacking myself on the forehead and thinking DUH!!


BeckyBunny - May 9

No, Krissy, you're not alone. I think the condom comment was completely uncalled for...but we all just have our off days. There's no use in telling him to go away when so many directly seek out his advice. Sometimes he's the only one with a rational intelligent response to some of the utter stupidity random people post on here. So while that comment was RUDE, RUDE, RUDE! (not to mention a__suming, condescending, and just plain uncalled for) I don't think by any means that he should be ostracized from these forums...nor does any person (or even group of people) have the right to make that decision.


krissy2006 - May 9

Becky, while I disagree regarding whether Grandpa Viv should be posting on this site or not, I respect your opinion. It is one thing for women to answer women's questions and while, yes, some people do give ridiculous answers I find that most do give good advice if based on nothing else than their own experiences. Grandpa Viv as stated is not an OB, not a gynecologist, has no medical background. Think about this. You and I are both pregnant. I know you don't know if yours is a girl or a boy yet but lets a__sume it is a girl. Mine is. Lets a__sume as well that one day our little girls think they might be pregnant. Regardless of their age or their circ_mstances they come onto this website for info. Would you prefer they get this info from women who have probably had experience in the area or would you prefer she get it from a man who has no medical background, and truly no reason to be on a site such as this except for his unexplained 'interest in the subject'? Just think about that. My opinion regarding obstetrics, gynecology and all involved (and I know so many women disagree but oh well) is this as I have said before: You wouldn't want someone to give you advice on your problem transmission who has never even driven a car, right?


BeckyBunny - May 9

He might just have 12 kids so lots of first hand experience with pregnant women. You never know. ^,^ Usually, he just gives the generic list of "these are the pregnancy symptoms you should look for." Which is pretty much right, though they're all different for everyone. So usually, I roll my eyes, but take no offense. My fiance could tell anyone the same things about my pregnancy symptoms at any given time. For the people that post here that aren't regulars, often just the list of symptoms is enough, along with the many "TAKE A TEST!" responses...which is what I do most of the time too! Because sometimes, well, DUH! LOL! But yeah. It's the first time I've ever seen him make a mean comment like that. Granted, I do go MIA for chunks of time, but usually I just see "thanks grandpa viv" and all the "grandpa viv can you help me" threads. If he gets his kicks from describing pregnancy symptoms to otherwise unknowing women...well, that's his thing. you know? It doesn't bother me. Maybe on a different day it would. I'm having a mellow day. LOL! Just stay away from the rude comments!, we don't know what it is yet. Argh! the BIG u/s is the 23rd. Can't wait!!! Oh by the way...I wasn't saying that particular thread was stupid, it's a perfectly reasonable question to ask. Usually it's not the responses that make me want to shove a reproductive text book at people, it's the original post. I've seen some pretty off the wall ones here. OH! and I don't drive. But, my brother is a mechanic, so while I don't drive...I do listen, so I do have odd bits of knowledge about the inner workings of a car. It's the same kind of thing. Sure he's never been pregnant...but he's probably just picked up a lot of information here and there...and as long as information is correct, does it matter who it's coming from? How many times do women here ask other women how to improve their husbands sperm count? and some people will give that advice...but we don't have's just kind of common knowledge, anyone can learn it. I don't know. I guess there are several people here who just think a guy shouldn't be giving people pregnancy advice. I don't mind. So I guess I will just hush. =) and if he decides to go away because you girls don't want him here...then there are just the rest of us who have been there, done that.


krissy2006 - May 9

Well, I understand where you are coming from and technically this is a public website where literally ANYONE and their mother (or grandfather in this case) can post. But all Grandpa Viv business aside, congrats on the big u/s coming up soon!! Do you have an inkling???


summerlove - May 9

TBH, I really don't care if he's here or not. I'm new, but since I found out he's a man, I don't pay attention. If he happens to answer to one of my posts, oh well. I'm only taking advice from women (who I need to hear from) in order to relate. Just my 2 cents.


Teddyfinch - May 10

i knew i had nailed it when i figured some women don't like advice from men. better fire off all those male ob/gyn's then. although i do wonder about viv sometimes. some of the answers are borderline dirty to me.


mjvdec01 - May 10

Teddy, I am so glad you said that. "Dirty", that is exactly the right word, he goes too far at times.


tish212 - May 10

i will just say if you read his other websites, where he takes girls comments directly from the teen board, but only those with the descriptions of their s_xual experiences...then you would think otherwise about seeking his advice, he may have it down pat to the "average cycle" of a woman, but if anyone takes 5 seconds to read up on it online you would too, he is NOT a doctor, never has been and it is highly inaapropriate the way he posts things on his other website...just plain sick. people seek his advice because he "seems" to talk like he knows all about it.... however he is taking things you yourself can read online and just reposting them to you...just thought you might want to know what kind of person you are dealing with, if i had the address to his other site, i would give it to you...but i don't if i find it i will post it


krissy2006 - May 10 is one of them . . . the other is . . . . And no just in case you are wondering, LOL, I did not have them just sitting around. I knew they were posted on a thread a page or so back on this site for the same reason they are being posted now.



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