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want2beamummy - June 7

Hi Grandpa Viv, I have been ttc for 11 months and over the past 2 weeks have started to drink Green Tea, 2-3 cups a day. I had heard that Green Tea can help with fertility? Is this true? I have just read on the internet that drinking green tea while pregnant can increase the chances of Spina Bifida? Can you shed some light on this please? Is it a good idea to drink Green Tea while ttc? Thank you!


linds99 - June 7

Sorry to but in, but green tea is not advised to drink during the luteal phase of the cycle due to its caffeine content. Also, it may or may not cause spina bifida, but I would be surprised if the link holds true since green tea could rob the body of folic acid....without sufficient folic acid, your baby could be born with spina bifida, cleft pallet, etc. Ultimately, I have continually read women drinking green tea and they believing it has helped in their fertility...I would say it is worth a shot, but should end right when you ovulate of course to eliminate the possible concerns I wrote about. Actually, there is a tea I tried called Fertilitea, it has green tea in it, among other things (like vitex which is the main ingredient that stimulates ovulation). I found drinking this tea actually sped up my ovulation by 4 days...


linds99 - June 7

What I meant to say was " I wouldn't be surprised if the link holds true..." sorry..type too fast.


Grandpa Viv - June 7 and enter - green teat pregnancy - for more expert advice than I have to offer. Excess caffeine seems contraindicated, but a few cups a day seems acceptable.


want2beamummy - June 8

Linds99, thanks for your advice. I've taken it on board and as I've just ovulated, I'm not going to drink anymore green tea for a while. Sounds too risky to me, even though, like you say, I've also read about women who say it helped their fetility. Thanks also for the tip on the Fertilitea, how does it taste? Ok? I've only just gotten used to the green tea! ;) Thanks Grandpa Viv, I googled those words yesterday which is what brought me to this site as I didn't like what I read, i.e. mention of spina bifida, etc. Thanks anyway, I'm off the green tea for now! ;o)



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