Grandpa Viv Its Kim

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kim - January 11

I saw you posted to me that i may have had a miscarriage.... I never had a positive test, all were neg. My period seems to be pretty normal . It started out heavy but i just had my iud removed at the end of Nov so my body may just be adjusting still. I dont think I miscarried but I guess you never know! As soon as I go off af we will be rabbits


kat - January 11

hi kim,went to docs today he was totally useless! think im going to have to accept that im not,and like you im going to keep trying,everyday lol!


Grandpa Viv - January 11

It was just a thought. Since many (most?) women don't test positive before the next period is due, we can't prove anything by that. The references to Early Pregnancy Loss state that most women don't even realize they were pregnant. In the case of women who have fairly distinct early signs (as many do here) it would help explain how one can be so sure, and then get disappointed. It's one reason I always advocate waiting for a week after before testing. Thanks for the feedback


please don't gv - January 11

grandpa, please don't be telling girls they might have had a miscarriage. what purpose does that serve? if they did miscarry and didn't know, there all the better for NOT knowing. its a tough thing to go through when you know 4 sure you had one (i know!). but my heavens, theres no sense in making girls stress over something that might not have even happened. sometimes you should use your heart to answer instead of your books and websites and a__sumptions. i guess if you were a woman you might better understand the pain and anguish caused by even the mention of miscarriage!


be nice to gv! - January 11

please dont gv....grampa viv has taken time to do alot of reseach,which helps us all out,im sure it wasnt intended to upset anyone but its a fact that alot of us could miscarry and not know it.


kim - January 11

Thank you all for your imput.. Im not offended or hurt by anyones advice and I amm looking forward to another month of baby making.. Hopefully this will be the month!


wendy - January 11

I agree with gv.. he seems to give alot of information but most of the time just guessing.. telling people they may have miscarried is not his place.. he advise me once i doubt your pregnant and today i am 3 mths.. i would listen to a word this man says.... and that is it.. A MAN.. no personal experiences


be nice to gv! - January 12

how do you know for a fact its grampa viv is a man> sometimes is nice to mix fact with personal experience.congratulations wendy


amy - January 12

He admits he's a man! If you don't believe me, ask him! And I agree with "wendy" and "please don't gv"...... he has NO right to tell someone they may have miscarried. None of us have that right! Yes, many do miscarry without knowing it, but my God, it's insane to tell a woman she may have miscarried, when you have absolutely no idea if she did!! That's a serious subject. That's like me saying to you, "you're husband (or other loved one) may have died in a car wreck this morning, but nobody has got in touch with you yet!" That's crazy. Why put scary thoughts into someone's head when you don't know if it's even true???????


be nice to gv! - January 12

point taken amy but grampa viv takes time to research and alot of people apreciate the advice they get,i think alot of people come on here and expect to be told what they want to hear.



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