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La Rae - February 6

I just wanted to know how common is it for your cm to be in abundance (creamy white) the day after ovulation? I had s_x in the early morning hours of yesterday (my O day) and as far as it being 'complete' (we both had OG's) it was. Plus, I checked my cervix before and after s_x and it was high, soft, and very open. Also, I was so 'wet' even at the start of s_x that it was dripping out a little bit (this was BEFORE I had OG). I know this is probably too much information, but I gotta know. My cervix is now high, soft, and CLOSED. Grandpa Viv, what do you think my chances are for pregnancy?


Grandpa Viv - February 6

Thanks for all the detail. I would love for some of you ladies to diary the detail of what happens for 4 weeks starting on O day. I would post it on the web for the benefit of others. Offhand, I would attribute the cm the next day to the exertions of the night before - your combined efforts. The natural family planning folks caution about confusing s____n with mucus, and it is of course far too early for there to be any consequence from conception. Please be careful with hygiene as you check the cervix. Did you know that at orgasm the cervix dips down to collect the s____n?


La Rae - February 7

Thanks GV - and yes, I did know that the cervix dips down to collect the s____n at orgasm. So, that increases my chances right? IF I were to be 'lucky' enough to get 'early' signs, when would be the 'earliest' that I would get them? I will continue to check my cervix (I do practice hygiene to the fullest), but that probably won't tell me too much will it?


bump - February 7



mich - February 7

Well I'd say your chances of being preg. are as good as any if you had s_x on o day. As for there being an abundance of cm the day after o, I don't think that would be a sign of conception this early yet. ( not what you wanted to hear I know, sorry)-- but keep an eye on your cm. Most women state that they had increased cm when they were pregnant. Hopefully in 14 days you'll get that BFP you're looking for :~} As for your other question in your other post, I don't know how to help you there. Try a lap dance LOL!!!-- That's gotta work, right


La Rae - February 7

Well it's two days past O and my cervix is still high, soft and closed. The cm is REAL milky, creamy-like and appears to be increasing. Thanks Mich for answering my 2nd question. I know that I am very fertile, so I guess if I am not pg, then it would have something to do with him. Because I KNOW I was ovulating, and I KNOW it was THE day. I am just wiggin' out here, please excuse my ramblin' on....


mich - February 7

oh I know how hard this 2 week wait can be. It's pure torture isn't it???? So ramble on as much as you need to. LOL!!!


La Rae - to Mich - February 7

Just out of curiousity....are you ttc? Or are you pg already?


mich - February 7

DH and I arn't actively TTC-- that's what I tell myself so I'm not disappointed when you get those BFN-- but I would love to have another baby. I'll find out on Thursday if we got the job done this month.



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