Grandpa Viv Charting Experts Opinion Needed

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whatisgoingon - March 11

My chart is home/hollzdollz FF. I have had constant all day every day for the past 5-6 days these twinges in my uterus, sometimes they feel like little stings or an actual cramp, most times just a pulling sensation or twangs in the muscles.. something is going on in there. What do you think of my chart this cycle, what are the chances from my temps of this being a pregnancy chart? Should I have an implantation dip by now or am I still in the running? Should my temps be higher and on the more increase side of things? Thanks for your opinions. xo


kamivy - March 11

Hi! I'm no expert but your chart looks good so far. Maybe a little too early to tell yet? As for implantation dips, you don't always have them on a pregnancy chart, just as sometimes we think we've had an implantation dip but it turns out we're not pregnant, so just because there's no dip so far doesn't mean your not pregnant. Hang in there! I too have been having cramps and twinges since ovulation, but I don't think it can be necessarily pregnancy related because baby doesn't implant til 7-10 days, so I don't think our uterus would be stretching and growing just yet. (So you may still get an implantation dip if you have concieved) All the best :-)


BrendaW - March 11

you are definitely still in the running but as far as being able to tell if you are pregnant from your chart, there is no way to know. good luck!


Grandpa Viv - March 11

You may have ovulated a couple of days earlier than FF says, but signs starting earlier than 5dpo should be treated with reserve. Keep your fingers cossed!


whatisgoingon - March 12

Going from my chart, is there any way I could have ovulated early? Dont you need 3 consecutive increases in temp to indicate O? The twinges/pulls in my lower stomach/uterus are a lot strong today, not painful though. I wouldnt call them cramps because they dont come & go.. they are constant, all day all night type. Today it feels like a muh tighter pulling sensation down there, and then occa__sionally you get a sting or sharp twing, but the twinges are centred now, not off to the side (fallopian tube area). Something is def in there cooking!!! I know it.. I just have to wait & see I guess. Ive never had this before, in any cycle.. it start around cd14, and is very noticeable it has progressed. We will soon see I guess, I am not going to test until I am late for my af, which is due March 20th. Its not March 12th evening, so not too long...7days. lol


whatisgoingon - March 12

Its now* Sorry typo lol (Long day)



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