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Lindsay - June 23

Grandpa Viv...I posted earlier this week and a reader suggest I post asking for your help. My previous Post: About 3 - 4 months ago my friend and I had unprotected s_x quite a few times. Well I became freaked out and thought I may be pregnant, even though I did have my period (women in my family still bleed once pregnant throughout the pregnancy). I went and had pregnancy tests/STD/HIV tests...everything came back negative. Since I've had quite a few symptoms but I think I'm just going crazy. I had my last period about 2 weeks ago. Today I started bleeding for no aparent reason, very light pink spotting. I called my gyno and talked to the nurse. She asked me if I could be pregnant. Could I be 4 months and still spotting? My friend and I started having protected s_x on a regular basis now, could I have gotten pregnant with us using a condom more recently and be pregnant? I'm so confused... What other reasons could cause me bleeding in mid-cycle? This reader suggested I get an ultrasound. My partner also suggests this and has become very angry at me. He said if there is a chance at all that I could be and I'm sitting here doing nothing he will no longer respect me and will not support me in the future. He believes I could be b/c my stomach has grown, my increased sensitivity to smell, my period has been acting weird, nauseau, tiredness, etc etc. However my biggest fear is going to get an ultrasound and having them think I'm a hypochondriac! The nurse already told me it would be impossible for me to be pregnant since I've received my period, however I know its not impossible b/c of my family members. I have tested before and all negatives. I'm so lost and I don't want him to turn away from me if it turns out I am becuase I will need his support. Also, I said I was spotting, so when would be the appropriate time for me to test again? Please any help I would be grateful....I'm very upset.


Grandpa Viv - June 23

I think it unlikely that you are at the end of the first trimester and still in doubt. More possible, especially if your last period was 6/3 to 6/7, is that your spotting today is implantation from a contraceptive malfunction around 6/17. Are you in the habit of having unproteced penetration before or after ejaculation with a condom? When did your signs start (fatigue, nausea, smells)? Perhaps you got pregnant in mid May with signs in the last week of May? If so, now would be the time to start testing. Be wary of your guy - he is making the sounds of a man for whom termination is the birth control method of last resort. Good luck!


Lindsay - June 23

Since our last pregnancy scare in April we have been using condoms before he penetrates. However last month his condom ripped while we were having s_x. My signs started in April, I slept all the time, felt sick to my stomach, and smells became very apparent and my b___bs hurt all the time. He does not want me to get an abortion but he feels that I should not be gambling with a babies life and if I am he wants to make sure I am taking care of myself and the baby. He said he would be mad if I put the babies life in jeopardy by sitting here and doing nothing. thank you for the thoughts!


Pattie - June 23

Lindsay, I told you that you should redirect your question to Grandpa Viv. He is absolutely right. I knew that he would answer you and give you great advice as well as his knowledge and insight. Good luck honey and let us know what happens. Stay here on this forum so we can check in on you and see what's up. For whatever is going on, I hope that you are feeling well, try not to worry and take one day at a time.


Lindsay - June 24

Yes, thank you patty for your advice! I took a Pregnancy Test this morning and it came up negative so I think I'm going to wait until next weekend to see if I get my period.



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