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Ter - July 18

Grandpa Viv: I'm asking you this because you seem to be very knowledgeable and informative. My question is a bit long, so please bear with me. I am 32 and have always had normal cycles. My husband and I are ttc. This past month's cycle had been a little "different" and I was wondering if you could give me some answers. On 7/4 I was due for my period. July 4th came and I had gotten a very light flow (usually I have a pretty heavy flow that lasts about 4 days). This one was extremely light to the point that I had it about 4 days, BUT there was hardly anything IF anything on my tampon (sorry tmi). I took a pregnancy test around 7/11 and it came back negative. On or about 7/16, I was due to ovulate. I can always tell when I am ovulating - not only do I take a clear blue easy test, but I can feel it. Saturday morning 7/16 I took an ovulation test and it read that I would ovulate within the next 24-36 hours. THAT night, I felt as though I was ovulating (not usually normal signs for me). Today, Monday (7/18) the day I was due to actually ovulate, I felt nothing all day. I took another preg. test and it came back negative (ept). Tonight my husband and I had intercourse. I have now started to bleed - although not looks like the start of my cycle again. Could you explain ANY of this? Could I be or have been pregnant? My last resort is to go to the dr., but for now, just would like some info. if possible. Thank you.


Grandpa Viv - July 18

You don't ovulate while pregnant. If you got the LH surge shown by the OPK, you were not pregnant 7/16 - a double check on the negative hpt and the body signal of ovulation. My inclination is to believe your body on when you actually ovulated. BD 7/14-7/16 would have been good. If today's light bleed had been two days hence, I would have said "implantation", but this is too early for that. Hmmm! Why was the 7/4 period so light? Why are you bleeding now at an odd time? I wonder if you have an ovarian cyst problem = menstrual irregularities. You probably need to see what the end of this cycle brings (Aug 1) before bothering the doctor. Another preg test now that a week has pa__sed would also be in order. Not much help, I'm afraid. Good luck!


ter - July 19

thank you anyway. I will wait until the end of the month to see if I begin my cycle again. I appreciate your time.



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