Grandpa Viv I Need Ur Opinion

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donna - February 8

was just wondering ... i think the last time i had my period was the end of december...i still havent gotten it yet and usually i feel my period coming ever body just feels really different, just like when i had my first child...symptoms i have been getting are cravings, increase in appet_te, going to the bathroom alot, side cramps, but it just comes and goes, constipation, and also va___al discharge, i took 3 hpt and all came out negative...but when i had my first child the test came out positive right away, can that change, cus i know some people that gets a false negative so im not sure what else i should do besides wait another week to take another test...can somebody give me some advice...i would really apreciate and i also get these little flutters in my stomach and i have been breaking out terribly...


Grandpa Viv - February 8

Cravings, appet_te, peeing, constipation, discharge, acne, odd cramps can all be signs. No b___st changes, not tired? If you conceived in the middle of January I would have suggested starting tests around now. Just keep testing at one week intervals. Take prenatal vitamins as a precaution, and go get a check-up at the doc's or a clinic in early March. Good luck!


donna - February 8

well my b___st feels like its full and i am constantly tired....i took a test today and came back it possible for me to still be pregnant.


donna - February 8

i forgot to mention that i have been feeling really hot only 22 i know its not menopause ... i dont usually get hot always a cold person but i do think i am pregnant for some reason....this constipation thing is getting bad....


donna - February 8



Lauren - February 8

Grandpa Viv is right Donna, you do sound as though you may be pregnant, everything you've mentioned can come with pregnancy. Do what he suggests, invest in some hpt's and make an appointment with your doctor next month. Good luck xx


donna - February 8

thanks...u guys are great....well i will probably make an appt next wk just to be sure im not gonna get my stress level has probably been pretty high lately so kind of thinking that could be the case to...but i wonder if you get these symptoms from stress?


Jac - February 8

I would go to the doctor before March to get things checked.. Hope it is pregnancy for you, however if not, it's not normal to be this late for no reason,


donna - February 9

thats whaat i was thinking....i hope nothing is wrong with me....


donna - February 11

okay guys i took another hpt this morning and still negative.....i think i feel my af coming but still nothing ...maybe i should wait till march to find out for sure....



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