Grandpa Viv No Questions Just A BIG Thank You

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Lauren - March 5

To be honest with you, I don't really know where to begin. I've been browsing around on this site for some time now, and whichever posts I choose to read, somewhere amongst the answers is a reply from you, selflessly offering wonderful advice and support to these girls. I personally cannot thank you enough for the many answers you have given me. Whether it be a geniune concern, a silly question that's been posted 3490349 times before, or just a vent and a rant about the unfairness of life and my sometimes good for nothing boyfriend *cough* ;) you've always been there to offer kind words and a sensible way to approach any situation. I've never seen a thread dedicated to you and all that you do, and so I thought I would make you one. You're an amazing person and these ladies are lucky to have someone like yourself to seek advice from. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you very much Grandpa Viv! Xxx


Hopingc - March 5

Thanks Grandpa Viv- I appreciate your educated answers to our sometimes silly questions. Its been a rocky road, and this morning I found out that Im pregnant. Thanks for all the support you give to us.


Mallory - March 5

Thank you for you brutally honest words and advice!!1


Louise - March 5

Thank you very very much Grandpa Viv! You've managed to keep me sane and level headed throughout this trying period, and you deserve all the amount of thanks you get. You're a wonderful, wonderful person. X


TANIA - March 6



Lindsey - March 6

I agree!! You are wonderful!


Tina - March 6

Yes, I also want to thank you Gramps!! You're absolutely fab!! If I was any older, I wouldha kissed your socks off! The world can do with a few more of you! I'm sure God smiles when He looks down and sees ya! :-*


Jules - March 6

Yeah! Thanks, GV! You're obviously very pa__sionate about what you do and your dedication and caring is much appreciated! May you be richly blessed for the blessing that you are to others.


Grandpa Viv - March 6

I am touched by your sentiments. Thank you. Visit me at


Kim - March 6

Thank you, Grandpa Viv! Your selflessness is beyond words. Best to you!


mulgajill - March 6

Yes... Big Thanks Grandpa Viv... your input and advice on this site is fantastic...


kat - March 6

i have to agree with all the ladies on here,thanks for the advice you give :o)


- March 11


Hailey - March 11

yes thank you! don't let the c___p these brawds are saying affect you! U have given great advice. All of us here are giving advice..some people think my symptoms could mean i am pg, some think im not...whatever the outcome, im not going to sit back and get p__sed at every person that thought i sounded pg! it's ludacris! Keep up with the encouraging and "brutally honest" words of advice!!!


Grandpa Viv - March 11

Thank you again i'm so touched that you still love me after all the things i have done thank you


oh god - March 11

Oh my God some of you people raelly do kiss bare skin a__s SAD


dm - March 11

GV-i would also like to say thank you for all of your words of wisdom...we look forward to all the good advise you will give us in the future...and lets all pray for the other people who have nothing else better to do with their time than to come onto this website and bash others...much thanks and much love!!!



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