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Worried - February 12

I've read the countless advice you have given other women and I am hoping that you will take the time to read my story and provide me with some input as well. I had a regular period in Novemeber and then I had no period in December. I was very worried. My boyfriend and I use condoms, but I was still scared that I was possibly pregnant. I took an hpt at the end of December, then two more five days later, then another one a week later (January), and then one in the middle of January around the 17th. All hpts were negative. Then at the end of January, the 28th/29th I started my period and it ended on the 4th of February. I went to my doctor for a regular pelvic exam and I told the nurse that I missed a period and took hpts and all were negative and she wrote the info on my chart, but she didn't seem worried at all. The doctor examined me and put me on the pill. Grandpa Viv, for some reason I am still a little worried that I could be pregnant. I don't have any symptoms and only one missed period in December. I think I just need some reassurance. What do you think?


Jackie - February 12

I think that your doctor would have been able to notice changes to your cervix and your uterus during your pelvic exam if you were pregnant. I have been told that your cervix becomes bluish in color, and of course your uterus enlarges during pregnancy. So I would think you probably aren't. I would definitely keep taking the pill until you learn otherwise. If you are still concerned, I would call the doctor and ask for a blood test. Good luck!


Grandpa Viv - February 12

The doctor would not have put you on the pill if he had thought there was a possibility of pregnancy. He was sure enough of that after the pelvic that he didn't even order a blood test. A missed period is a sign that you didn't ovulate that month, and that is not an uncommon occurrence. Keep using condoms as well as the pill, read the fine print about what to do if you forget a pill, and watch out for the antibiotic effect. Happy hunting!


Worried - February 12

Thank you so very much Jackie and Grandpa Viv. I thought I probably wasn't pregnant, but I think I had just gotten so used to thinking that there was a possibility of me being pregnant that now thinking any other way is somewhat hard! Thanks again...I truly appreciate your advice.



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