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Lauren - April 4

I'm 19 and I have PCOS. I've been told by my doctor that I should basically have a baby as soon as possible, bc in a few years time my chances of conceiving are very much reduced. I asked why, and he explained that each month I don't ovulate, that's 1-2 cysts in each ovary, which is basically what gives you problems in conception. The more cysts you have in your ovaries, the less likely it is you'll have a baby. He mentioned a thing called "clomid" which would help you to ovulate each month, therefore there'll be no more cysts clogging up the ovaries, and having a baby in the future will be much easier. Is he correct in what he says? I have an appointment with my gyno at the end of this month, but as it's run on a fertility programme, he's under the belief I'm ttc. I'm obviously not, but I know the drug is expensive, and they only give it to women who are trying for a baby. Basically all I want to know is, what's the liklihood of me having children in the future if I continue to let the PCOS run its course? Should I carry on with the "ttc" thing so that I can get the clomid pills? I don't want to find out in 5 years time I'm infertile and could have done something about it as I really want a family in the future. Thank you x


Kate - April 5

Hi, I'm in the same boat as you! I was thinking of taking a close male friend to the appointment with me, perhaps you could do the same? I'm not even sure if the none ovulation thing can affect fertility though, so, like you, I'm concerned it may. Any advice from anyone would be wonderful


Jena - April 5

are you girls ready to have babies? I totally understand about wanting to do it while you can, but are you ready? if you aren't you can always adopt a beautiful healthy baby later on in life. if you are ready, then YES, pretend you are ttc and take Clomid - I've heard great things about it and that makes sense that if when you don't ovulate you get cysts, then Clomid is good to take so that you ovulate. You girls are pretty creative :) GL!!


Jena - April 5

P.S. I meant to say you are creative for bringing someone along!! And, I THINK I heard that without insurance, Clomid is about $5/pill and you take them maybe once a week so it's not THAT bad - not as expensive as some meds!


Grandpa Viv - April 5

This is a doctor question. You will get lots of hits if you Google ... PCOS clomid .... The first thing is to confirm with your gyno what the doc told you about future chances, and level with him about your concerns. Any clomid prescription you get will likely be only for a few months, as long term use is not advised.



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