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dazedandconfussed - March 25

is it possible to become pregnant after a tubal ligation on ONE tube and having ectopic on the other (dont know if tube was repaired or removed..) that was 15 yrs ago with tubal ligation and almost 20 yrs ago with ectopic.. Reason I am asking is: very strange period.. started off with full say of pinkish/burnt red spotting, then 2nd day of small flow first thing in the morn and spotting remaining of day, 3rd day same, 4th day spotting.. 5th day.. well maybe an hr of very very light spotting.. 6th day.. After incourse.. had stange looking dishcharge.. brownish mucousy looking.. and now I have a slight discharge..BBs swollen, little white bumps around areola, stomach is hard a rock and larger, spend more time in bathroom now. ie: peeing more... spent all day with flu like signs ( no vomitting) just nausea's and very tired.. BTW when my "period" came.. I had NO cramping whatsoever.. I always always cramp real bad, and my face usually breaks out.. nothing,,,.now I am noticing strange smells.. I swore I smelled pickles on out back porch last nite. lol (sorry ) my house even smells strange to me.. DH says nothing smells different to him.. He also said I have been moodier too.( dont see that myself lol ) oh yea.. and appet_te is Different.. this has all been in the past month.. I just dont know what to think.. please advise.. thank you for your time


dazedandconfussed - March 25

oh yea I forgot to mention.. I burp ALLL the time now.. the gas is aweful.. thanks again


bump - March 25



Jena - March 25

you have a lot of prego symptoms! i don't know about the tubal ligation and medical stuff, but if you go from the signs maybe you should take a test?


Dazedandconfuzed - March 25

Why wont u anwer my post? Do u just no have an answer.. its ok if u dont.. but please let me know either way... thanks


jena - March 25

sorry, i thought I did... I don't have an answer to your past medical procedures but all I can say is that now you have pregnancy symptoms so I think that you should take a test to see if you are indeed pregnant... sorry - hope that helps a little!


dazed.... - March 25

you HONESTLY thinks it possible I am PG??????? Ps: are u alos grandpa v?? thanks


omg!! - March 25

wow this is almost me..... cept I have the discharge on and off.. never in a million years would I have thought PG!! So if in fact hers was IB .. How soon after that can you take a HPT? should u wait til after your next epected AF??


Sick of it!!!!! - March 25

OK, You get a tubal ligation to prevent pregnany so why bother spending your time thinking you could be.....Its like all those women walking around takin 10 hpt and 10 blood tests, STILL ASKING "DO you think the test could be wrong".....please


omg - March 25

first off this is to sick of it.. I WANST obsessing with anything.. mearly commenting.. second.. u know nothing abt my or anyone else's situtation on here..seems to me u have other issues within yourself U need to resolve before you start attacking people... and BTW YOU HAVE A GREAT DAY :)


this is to "Sick of it" - March 25

read carefully


Grandpa Viv - March 25

I can't imagine a surgeon doing a tubal ligation on one side without checking to see that the other tube was disconnected also - wouldn't make sense. Tubals do fail once in a while. The signs you list indeed sound like pregnancy, but I wonder if early menopause might be a factor instead. A home test this weekend and another next should tell the story. Good luck!


dazed - March 25

apparently when the tube was worked on, he said there was so much scar tissue, he was surprised I even got pregnant.. but thanks..and yes i thought abt early men.. just confussed is all..thanks


dazed - March 25

btw i am only 42. no sweats... none of the other symptoms I checked on..but ty for ur time


For sick of it - March 26

I had a tubal ligation in April of 2002. Two weeks ago had two positive hpt's and confirmed by blood test. Am 6 weeks along so do not set there and tell anyone not to worry after a tubal that they can not get pregnant. Medicine isnt always 100 percent.


WTG - March 26

this is for the latest response.. thank u and wtg.. and BTW CONGRATS..hope all goes well for you


MU - March 28

interesting.. does anyone else have those signs



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