Grandpa Viv Please Respond So Confused

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confused - November 17

My last two cycles after m/c have been 26 days, I am currently on day 33 with no af, have taken 3 HPT's with BFN, but still have sore bbs and a bit of cramping. Before the m/c my cycles were 30 days, I wonder if perhaps it's possible that I am back on a 30 day cycle and I simply tested too early? But my last test would have been on the day I was to start my period? The only sign that af might show is a tiny bit of brown spotting. Do you tlhink it might still be possible for me to be pregancy. Thanks so much for your response.


Erin - November 17

I'm not Grandpa Viv, but I'll answer while you're waiting. After a m/c you may notice strange cycles for a few months. It's very possible that you ovulated later than normal, thus delaying your period. My first cycle after my m/c was fine, but my second cycle I didn't ovulate at all and ended up with a strange af. The next cycle, I o'd late. I'm now on my 4th cycle post-mc and I'm having a strange cycle again. Hopefully your cycles straighten themselves out soon! If no af in a few days, I'd test again. Good luck!


Jenn - November 17

MY first cycle after my first mc was 21 days, then 26 days, then 33 days then 35 days, then finally back to normal at 29 days. I then got pregnant and had another mc and am now on day 29 and no af. So our bodies do strange things. It can be so frustrating. Good Luck


Grandpa Viv - November 17

One of our teens got pregnant the first month after a m/c without ever having a period. Yes, it is possible, but the timing may be confusing. Suppose the brown spotting you are now experiencing is from implantation, it might be as much as two weeks before you get a positive home test. Do you have the fatigue, more peeing or any of the other signs that are not so easily confused with an approaching AF? Good luck!



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