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Shay - May 27

Grandpa Viv (and anyone else willing to tell me what they think). I'm so beyond confused right now and am just wondering if these are signs of anything or if AF is on her way....Here's my stats so far!!!! LMP 4/25....BD 5/2, 3, 4, 5, 11, 13 & 15...Period like cramps since 5/18....Small brown spot Sunday 5/22....Brown mucus discharge Tues & Wed (5/24 & 5/25)....Tested Weds (5/25) w/ $ Tree test, BFN....Thurs (5/26) reddish brown blood during finger check, thought AF coming, little spotting rest of day....Fri (today - 5/27) awoke at 5am to horrible pain in lower ab, mostly to right side, felt like AF starting, almost like 1st day when you wake up to cramps so bad you have to run to the bathroom to avoid a mess...However, got to bathroom, brownish red blood, not too much....Put in tampon at 6:15am after shower, removed at 11:45am, couple streaks of brown on one side, dry on other, no fresh blood.....Slight cramping as of right now....I think that's it. Any insight would be more appreciated than you could EVER know!


Chriss - May 27

Shay it does sound to me as though you may be having implantation bleeding. When is your period due?? if it is due now and you got a neg on your HPT wait three to four days and try another one, you may have tested to early. Good luck to you!!!


Maggie - May 27

Shay, please keep an eye on the abdominal pain you are experiencing on the one side. If it gets any worse please call your doctor, I think it could be a sign of ectopic, however I'm not a doctor so don't freak out. Good Luck!


to Shay - May 27

I don't think it's implantation bleeding. I would keep an eye on the pain you have in one side, as Maggie said. If you get more pain, see a doctor. Maybe you should do a hpt test, to be sure it's still negative. I would guess you are going to get your AF, if you wait a little longer, it may just be off to a slow and painful start. Periods can always change in strengths etc. Hope this helps.


blue - May 27

Hey there Shay, Just wanted to echo Maggie about keeping an eye on the pain in your side. That, and the streaky bleeding can be a sign of ectopic - go to a doctor if you are in any doubt. Good luck, love blue x


Shay - May 27

Thanks to everyone for the advice. I will definately keep an eye on the pain, because my body is doing things right now that I just don't recall experiencing before. BTW, I am usually on a 26-35 day cycle, and today is day 33. The most recent cycles have been (Feb) 28 (March) 33 and (April) 27 days in length. So, I'm calculated I'd be due anytime on or after Monday (5/23) of this week. I am curious about one thing, if you have an ectopic pregnancy, does that register on an HPT?? Maybe that's a dumb question, but I haven't done very much research on that subject and am not sure how that would be discovered. I sincerely appreciate all of your responses and advice! There are some really great and caring women on this site, that's for sure. :-)


bump - May 27



Grandpa Viv - May 27

Shay, the pain from ectopic does not normally hit until around 8 weeks. Ectopic can be diagnosed by a slower than normal rise in hCG, using quant_tative blood work, but many normal pregnancies do not show on a urine test until 6 weeks. Major pain at implantation is not normal. Many pregnancies end at the time of the first period (Early Pregnancy Loss) often without the woman realizing what has happened. Hope these snippets help. Good luck!


Shay - May 27

to Grandpa Viv - Thanks for your help! Do you happen happen to have any thoughts on my stats listed in my original post? This is just such an odd cycle for me, it really is. Thanks so much for replying, I really appreciate it. Still just dealing with a tiny bit of brownish discharge today, barely noticable unless I do a finger check. This is so nervewracking!!! :0) But, just trying to remain positive! Thanks again!



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