Grandpa Viv Any1 Should I B Concerned

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littleearsx - April 19

Hi, I posted @ 7dpo, 2day is 18dpo. I have not gotten my AF, yet, it was due on the 16th, which was three days ago. This has been my journal thus far; Last 1st day of period March 19th- Have a regular 28 day cycle. O'd on April 1st-2nd BD on March 28th & April 1st 2-3dpo- Acne breakout. Twinges in lower abdomen- little soft contractions type 3-9dpo- Twinges/cramping come and go. 7dpo- Intense twinges/cramping lower left abdomen for approx. 15 minutes.- 1 hour later, a rush of thick yellowish/white CM, felt like droppin for 30 minutes. Wiped w/ tissue & faint tan color wetness. 8dpo- early moring, intense twinges/crampin again in same place for a hour off and on. Off and on gas, bloating, heartburn, very light nausea, fatigue.( But mayb PMS??) 14dpo- tested w/1st response- BFN 15dpo- No AF Still feel bloated 17dpo- tested w/1st response- BFN No Sore BBs b4 AF, always get sore BBS 5 days prior to AF, but on 17dpo started to get sore BBS & white spots & glands on nipples. Can't tell about color because of tanning. It is 18dpo, should I be concerned about those past twinges? I will not test any more after wasting my time with BFN. Grandpa Viv, should I be concerned or just keep waiting? I hope this information helps with asking for your advice??


littleearsx - April 19

Grandpa Viv, can u help ,pls?? Any1 having same symptoms as I??


littleearsx - April 20

Darn, think Grandpa Viv busy. How about Audrey, do u have time 2 answer my confusion? Its now 19dpo, still no AF....what do u think of the rush of thick yellow/white CM on 7dpo?? Your response wuld b greatly appreciated..


Grandpa Viv - April 20

I had a long weekend in Florida, but now I'm back. Nice diary. I would not have suggested a test until next weekend, with a follow-up a week later. The b___b changes are very promising. Good luck!



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