GRANDPA VIV Anyone Need Info About Menstruation

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hlp_pls - May 10

I've been off the bc pill for many months (9 months) and when I was on the pill my period was rather short, about 3-4 days with small amounts of blood (sorry if TMI) when I first went off the pill it took about two cycles before I became regular again, enough to know when I am ovulating, but for past three months or so my periods have been extremely light, only need to wear a pantiliner and the blood is very brown/black. This month, it lasted from May 4th to 6th and then nothing extremely lite/blackish/brown discharge and then last night when I went to the bathroom and wiped there was bright pinkish/red discharge and then nothing. My husband and I are ttc and it's hard for me to tell if I have any symptoms because many of the ones that people usually get, I do get on a regular basis. I have sore bbs regularly, I have headaches regularly, bachaches, heartburn and abdominal pain/cramps. I DON'T have PID or endometriosis (as far as I know) and so don't really know what's going on. Is it normal to have such a lite period and not be pregnant??? Any advice is greatly appreciated.


bump - May 10



Grandpa Viv - May 10

Bleeds while on the pill are not true periods, and are not an indication of what will be normal later. Surely if you were 3 months pregnant you would have enough indications by now. Why have you not tested? The description of your abnormal periods does not resemble other posts of bleeding in pregnancy. You say you know you are ovulating. Does that not limit the possible pregnancy to this month only? My inclination is to think that something abnormal is going on that you don't get a good period, and the uterus is not properly prepared for implantation. You could try charting for a couple of months, but I see a doctor visit in the cards.



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