Grandpa Viv Have A Please Answer

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Kimmie - June 6

Ok..took three test all in the evening, one came back really pink BFP but curved and sort of smeary and then the other two were one dark line and one faint pink line..all the symptoms...but wld be only about 3 weeks...are the test nutty or did i test to early? Thanks:)


Wendy - June 7

Hi, I know that you're asking Gradpa Viv, but I'm pretty sure that if you got a line then you're preg., if one was light and the other was dark, it's mainly cause the darker one reads a lighter lever of hcg, the lighter prob, reads a higher dose. As for the curvy one, not sure what to tell you. May I ask which tests did you try?? Good luck, and I really do think I'm right, so congrats!!!


Kirsti - June 7

Kimmie, have you been having any symptoms?


Jbear - June 7

Read the directions that came with the test. Chances are the dark line is the control line, that shows the test is working right, and the faint line is your positive test result. Congratulations!


celia - June 7

Hi kimmie, sounds like congratulations are in order! has some great pictures of hpt's that show different results, great for comparing the questionable test to and they show each different brand. Good luck!


Grandpa Viv - June 7

Congratulations! Three weeks since your last period - could it be twins coming on so strong? I bet it's 3 weeks since ovulation and you have missed a period already. That's the first hurdle behind you. Good luck!


Kimmie - June 7

Thank you all:) Well I have sore nipples, not the whole b___st, heavy b___st, sick, small minor cramps (go away when i have give gas sorry tmi), constipated, hungry, backaches and soem stiching in the pelvic area and very veryyy sleepy. I used a Walgreens early test, one dollar tree and something else from walmart (brand?), cant remember cause I saw the faint line thought it was a bfn and threw it away,lol. Grandpa Viv..cld be twins, I am a twin..but I heard that skips, however I am one never knows,lol. My best friend was pg with twins and her mom was a twin soo one never knows. I am ireg..thats the thing..but according to my charts I am a 30 cycle.. then I have missed af by a few days. So here's dust* Thanks:)



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